This 100TPH Alluvial Gold mining washing plant that we designed and provided is for our Malaysian customers.

Customer’s Alluvial Gold Project Information :

-Alluvial Gold Mine Location: Malaysia
–Raw material Condition: with Heavy sticky clay, big gravel stones, most of the gold is fine size 0-2mm, and also has some gold nuggets 2-8mm. 0-8mm in raw material occupy about 40%, mine site Has good slope. -Customer’s Main Requirements for processing plant: washing clean raw material, removing big waste stone, recovery all fine gold and gold nugget. Easy operation and maintenance, high-quality trommel scrubber washing machine, need speed adjustable for trommel scrubber and vibration feeder.

FAQ during communication:

1. Ask: is your company produced grizzly feeder (maybe with a vibrating mechanism or static)
Answer: yes, we have the vibration feeder with a grizzly bar, for removing the oversize big waste stone before washing the machine. And it can feed material smoothly to a gold trommel scrubber. With high-pressure spray water, it can break down raw material roughly before going into the scrubber

vibration feeder with grizzly bar

2. Ask: I want the feeder and trommel scrubber speed adjustable and high-quality motor, can you achieve this?
Answer: yes, we can provide you with the Siemens variable frequency motor and electrical cabinet with variable frequency.

3. Ask: I wanted to build most of my plant on the ground with split level and reduce the cost for steel support.. is it possible?
Answer: yes, of course, plant machines can be installed by height difference if has a good slope at a mine site. so no need for steel support. Just as below picture plant:

gold mining wash plant equipment height difference

4. Ask: does the trommel and grizzly feeder come with the underpan and hopper?
Answer: The under grizzly slurry material goes to the trommel scrubber by a connection chute as below picture:

connection chute

We can provide a slurry tank under the trommel screen to collect the under-screen material, they can connect with a slurry pump or pipe to the next machine, as below picture:

rotary scrubber slurry tank

The Flowchart is designed according to the customer’s ore condition and requirements.

1. Use excavator or wheel loader to feed raw material to feeding hopper, hopper size is designed according to excavator’s bucket width.
2. Vibration feeder with grizzly bar, bar gap 75mm to remove +75mm waste stone discharged to ground directly by chute for saving belt conveyor. 0-75mm slurry material goes to trommel scrubber by connection chute.

3.0-75mm material will be washed clean in trommel scrubber, with 2 layer PU screen, 2mm&8mm mesh size, so will screen out +8mm waste material sending away by belt conveyor, 2-8mm go to coarse sluice box to recovery 2-8mm gold nugget, 0-2mm slurry goes to fine sluice box to recovery 0-2mm fine gold.

4. All fine gold concentrate from the sluice box will go to a shaking table to concentrate again, increase purity, then finally all fine gold &gold nugget go-to gold smelting furnace to make a gold bar.

100TPH Alluvial Gold washing plant flowchart

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