Walker mining supply single cell laboratory flotation machine . XFDI,XFDII,XFDIII is represent 3 generation single cell flotation cell. XFDII equipment frequency adjust function compared with XFDI, XFDIII is equipped additional heating function compared with XFDII.
D12 flotation cell is muti-cell flotation machine . it is Denver type machine .but the price is much lower than Denver D12 .

XFD-12 laboratory multi-cell floatation machine is applicable to floatation of non-ferrous andferrous metals, nonmetals and coal with the size fraction less than -35 meshes and can be used in floatation test of 125-3000g floatation samples. For D12 lab flotation ,we have 3 models  D12I,D12II,D12III,below sheet is difference between them.


Structure Introduction
XFD-12 laboratory multi-cell floatation machine consists of the following main components: elevating mechanism , mechanical stepless variable-speed mechanism , machine head part, stator and rotor part and control switch .
All components are coupled to the column body. The main shaft rotates in a clockwise direction. The movement is driven by the motor to rotate the impeller through the main shaft, and the gear wheel can be rotated to adjust the impeller speed. Adjust the inverter knob to set the impeller speed.
The main body of the main shaft is lifted and lowered by the motor to drive the gear through the gear box and drive the lift to the desired position. When descending, press the down button. Because there is a travel switch, it will automatically stop when it reaches the bottom.
The trough body is fixed on the square hole of the base by four cylindrical pins under the groove
Note: When lifting and lowering, you must make sure that you can switch the lifting work after pressing the stop button. Do not stay away from the operator during lifting operations

Methods of Installation, Adjustment and Operation

The floatation machine is installed on the workbench and its levelness can be adjusted using four base screws.
Check for its rotation direction before the motor is powered on. The main shaft impeller driven by the motor is required to rotate clockwise
The speed of the flotation machine is regulated by the frequency converter. The speed can also be
adjusted while the machine is running; the speed can be displayed on the LCD meter of the control panel.
In addition, the machine is equipped with a rocking handle, which can also be used or fine-tuned to adapt to the stirring conditions. It should be noted that before the electric lift, the handle should be pulled out and then folded to the inside of the rocker to prevent injury to the personnel in the electric lift. Do not approach the rocker during the electric lift.
The impeller, stator and hollow shaft can be replaced. The impeller is connected with the right-handed screw of the main shaft, the stator is connected with the left-handed screw of the hollow sleeve, and the hollow shaft is connected with the machine head on a left-handed basis. Pay attention to the rotation direction during replacement.
The circulating cylinder (13) is connected with the stator uniformly using three rubber belts.

Maintenance and Attentions

The valve on the hollow shaft is the main valve for switching off/on the air circuit. The valve on the flowmeter is a fine adjustment valve. Pay attention to the starting/closing sequence and prevent ore pulp from rushing into the flowmeter. The starting sequence: start the motor—open the main valve—open the fine adjustment valve; the shutdown sequence: close the main valve—stop the motor.
The seal ring at the upper end of the hollow shaft shall be checked regularly to prevent ore pulp leakage into the bearing caused by seal ring damage from damaging the bearing
Check for air tightness in clear water during initial running after installation and repair. That is, after closing the main valve and starting the main shaft, there shall be no air bubble out of the periphery of the stator, the added clear water volume shall be in line with the nominal volume of the cell, and the speed is the highest speed in case of not exhausting air from the circulating cylinder.
There is no special requirement for lubrication of the machine’s moving part. Inject instrument oil to the tachometer regularly.
After the flowmeter is detached from the system, the air inflow of the machine will vary very greatly. Pay attention to this during use.

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