Besides providing separate gold mining equipment for miners, walker mining can also design a complete line of mineral processing flow .so clients can clearly picture the detailed equipment needed to build the plant. How many gold trommels, gold shaking table, jig separator, gold centrifugal would specify in the diagram. Also, we can estimate accurate total money to cost for the plant and revise the flowchart according to the requirement and budget.

What’s 3D Flowchart Design?
The main contents of the 3D flowchart design for minerals are:
Basis and conclusion for determining product plan;
The technological process and index adopted in the design, the comparison of process schemes and the relevant situation;
The reliability, rationality, and special requirements of the new process, new equipment, and new reagent used in the design;
The situation and measures of comprehensive recovery and utilization;
 Process description.

Why 3D Flowchart Design?
The quality of beneficiation flowchart design for a concentrator directly affects the final beneficiation index, investment and construction cost, and the production cost after commissioning. So once the project has advanced to the mine planning stage, it’s essential to show a simplified flow chart of future mine operation. Doing this can help the investor to see that the company is moving ahead to possible production. Thus it can be seen the importance of a 3D flowchart design for mining. And when choosing the flowchart design case, the 3D flowsheet should select the scheme with mature technology, advanced technology, reliable production, and high economic benefit.

Our 3D Flowchart Design Service
Design an economical and efficient flowchart to achieve a high level of beneficiation production results and economic benefits, solid deposit knowledge, and comprehensive tests are the design basis of an excellent process. We supply not only beneficiation equipment but also supply the “design and evaluation of different ore dressing processes” service. Our metallurgists have more than 30 years of vibrant experience, and our expert team can develop a set of stable, economical, and efficient mineral processing processes for each stage of your project. Our expertise includes crushing, screening, grinding, scrubbing, gravity separation, magnetic separation, flotation, leaching, and dewatering.

Rules of Our 3D Flowchart Design
Our 3D flowchart design is based on the technological process recommended in the reviewed or approved beneficiation test report and referring to the production practice experience of similar plants.
When determining the flow chart, The confirmation of the flowchart shall determine the associated minerals to be recovered in the beneficiation test report after economic and technical comparison.
When determining the mineral processing products and technical indexes, we based on improving the economic benefits. After comparing the flowcharts to determine the main indexes(include the type, quality, and recovery rate of the recovered products), learn from the data of similar factories and use the average advanced indexes.
Mineral processing equipment should be large-scale. When the process flow is the same, 2-3 series are suitable for the large concentrators, one series for simple or mature processes, and 1-2 series for the medium and small concentrators. Flowchart comparison can determine the specific series after flowchart comparison.
If the content of main useful and harmful minerals in raw ore varies greatly, or there are many ore supply points and complex ore types, we suggest providing ore blending facilities.
The conventional crushing and grinding process should reduce the particle size of crushed products, more crushing and less grinding. The particle size of the final crushing product should be determined according to the scale of the mine concentrator, the nature of the ore, and the selected crushing and grinding equipment.
In the design of the backwater process, facilities should be set up to ensure a normal water supply when there is no water in the early stage of production.

3D Flowchart Design Case
1.3D Flowchart Design for Diamond Wash Plant

3D Flowchart Design for Diamond Wash Plant

(Figure 1)

Usually, there are 2 parts to process the diamond wash plant. One is washing; the other is screening.
Figure 1 is the professional flowchart design. The process steps are: feeder -> washing -> screening.
The Main mineral equipment used:
Vibrating Feeder — ①
Trommel Scrubber — ②
Vibrating Screen — ③
Belt Conveyor — ⑤

Other equipment
④ — Feeding Hopper
⑥ — Chassis made of steel

2.3D Flowchart Design for Gold Wash Plant
100 TPH Alluvial Gold Washing Plant 3D Flowchart Design

3D Flowchart Design for Gold Wash Plant

(Figure 2)

This alluvial gold washing plant has 3 main processes: washing, screening, and gravity separation.
The Main mineral equipment used:
Vibrating Feeder — ②
Trommel Scrubber — ④
Sluice Box — ⑤
High-Frequency Vibrating Screen — ⑥
Gold Centrifugal Concentrator — ⑦
Belt Conveyor — ③

Other equipment
Feeding Hopper, Nugget Trap & Sand Pump

The detailed process is as figure 3.

3D Flowchart Design for Gold Wash Plant Figure 3

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