impact crushers for hard rock are the newest generation of impact crushers developed by our factory by absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad and according to actual working conditions in domestic sand industry. Such equipment enjoy advantages such as big crushing ratio, the shape of cubic particles of materials after crushing, and long service life of wear-resistant parts. Users of it gain considerable economic benefits.

Product Introduction

The impact crusher is also called impactor. It is often used as a cost effective alternative to jaw and cone combination plants as it has a good level of reduction and product shaping for many applications. The impactor is mainly used for the processing of materials that often need to be relocated, such as metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, water and electricity, especially for the operation of mobile stone materials such as highway, railway, water and electricity projects. It can be configured in various forms according to the types of raw materials, scale and requirements of finished materials.

The impact crusher is widely used in quarrying, concrete recovery and mining. It can be used in primary, secondary, or tertiary applications. It can break medium hard rock, such as granite, cobble, limestone, quartz, coal mine and other materials. Processing capacity (T / h): 30-500, maximum feed (mm): 300-700.

Impact Crusher

There are often two types of impact crushers on the market: horizontal shaft impact crushers (HSI) and vertical shaft impactor(VSI).The difference between them is the physical orientation of the rotor within the crusher.

Horizontal Shaft Impact Crusher

The rotors of horizontal shaft impact crushers are oriented horizontally. Horizontal shaft impact crusher uses a hammer bar or hammer to break the flowing material with great force. It can crusher materials from soft rock to much harder materials and it is used as primary or secondary crushers.

When a horizontal shaft impact crusher is working, the rotor spins around its shaft at a high velocity. The rotor’s blow bars strike the materials repeatedly when the materials enter into the chamber. The materials will be broken and sent into the hanging aprons. This cause the materials become small that fit the requirement.

Vertical Shaft Impactor

The rotor of a vertical shaft impactor is oriented vertically. It relies on launching material at high speeds to be impacted upon anvils insteads of relying on striking material with great force. It is used as secondary or tertiary crushers only because of the limited in the feed size.

When a vertical shaft impactor is working, the materials enter the rotors rapidly moving wings and are hurled outward to be broken upon the peripheral anvils or rocks.

Our impact crusher is horizontal shaft impact crusher that is so popular, since it can be used for a variety of material processing applications in a variety of configurations. Our impactor is a versatile crusher and reliable machine.


Impact Crusher Models

Note: Some of our impact crushers are equipped with hydraulic devices. Please ask the sales for details.


impact crusher structure

Working Principle
When the impact crusher is working, electric motor drives the rotor to rotate at a high speed. Then the material enters the crushing chamber along a controlled feed angle. The hammer hit the material to the impact plate. Impact crusher supplies a sudden impact force that causes the material to shatter along all the weakest fissures in the stone. The hammer hammers the material repeatedly and the material would be crushed again and again in crushing cavity until it meets the requirement. Then the impacted material exits the crusher through the base frame.

Most of the broken stones of impact crusher are polygonal in shape and have strong compression capacity. By adjusting the speed of the rotor and the moving space of the grinding cavity, the particle size of the machine can be determined, which greatly improves the flexibility.

impact crusher working principle

Advantages and Features

Primary, secondary and tertiary crushers available
The feed is large(300-700mm)
The discharge size can be adjusted
Simple structure, easy operation and maintenance.
Excellent crushing performance
Economic – a impact equipment can replace jaw crusher and cone crusher for materials below medium hardness.