Magnetic separator is mainly used to select wet weak magnetic field and remove the strongly magnetic minerals of fine grains. They are widely used in mineral processing industry, coal washing industry, chemical industry, etc, e.g. recycle heavy formulas such as magnetic heavy media during heavy media separation, concentrate low-concentration slurry in iron ore and gather magnetic steel minerals, treat ore feeding from high-intensity magnetic separators, remove magnetic or weakly magnetic ores and coenobium, as well as prevent blockage of magnetic media.

Magnetic separator can be divided into two kind : roller magnetic separator and cylinder magnetic separator.
cylinder type magnetic separator whose diameter is less than 500mm, the magnetic intensity can made from 800 gauss to 9500 gauss.
cylinder type magnetic separator whose diametere is from 500mm to 1200mm,the max magnetic intensity is 5000 gauss.
the diameter size of roller type can made from 100mm to 600mmm.
the max Magnetic strength available is : 16000 gauss
the diameter size of roller type separator is : 100-140-160-180-220-240-300-320-380
the magnetic strenth of roller type is among 8000 gauss and 16000 gauss

The diameter and length of the magnet roller are customer-made.
In fact, the use of the effect is generally more than 150 will be better
The larger the magnet, the higher the throughput
The longer the length, the greater the handling capacity, this is customized according to customer requirements.
The thickness of our magnetic block is 25mm, is a circular disk
Disk and disk have gaps
About 3-4mm gap

6 question to ask before selecting model for customer

1. what is the mineral to process ?
2. adopt wet type separating or dry type ?
3. the feeding size of the mineral ?
4. what is the grade of the raw ore and how much grade required after processing ?
5. what is the gauss (magnetic intensity ) required for the magnetic separator ?
6. what is processing capacity ?

Learn the Structure Of  Magnetic Separator Working  Principle