Sluice box is one of most popular alluvial gold recovery machine . it has a long history in gold mining history .sluice box is always joint use with shaking table,gold centrifugal . sluice box can recover the tailing from centrifugal concentrator and the gold concentrate from sluice can recovery again by shaking table to update the grade. walker mining have rich experience in producing all kinds of sluice machine. OEM service is available.

The sluice box is also called gold chute, which is one of the most practical and enduring methods of gold prospecting involves. Sluice box is also a kind of placer gold re-selection equipment with high recovery rate, mature technology, wide application, economic and environmental protection. It is with a history of over 100 years’ use.

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Types of Sluice Box
1. Fixed/Common Sluice Box
Product Introduction & Working Principle

The beneficiation principle of the fixed sluice box is called chute beneficiation by means of the water flowing in the chute for beneficiation. It can handle materials with very different particle sizes. After the slurry is fed into the chute, under the combined action of the force of the water current, the gravity of the ore particles (or centrifugal force), and the friction between the ore particles and the bottom of the chute, the ore particles of different specific gravity are loosely layered and separated. Of course, the heavy ore sinks to the bottom of the trough and becomes the concentrate, and the lower weight is the tailings.

The water washes through the gold chute and brings impurities such as clay and sand to the upstream end. Due to the high density of gold, it will stay. Most of the gold will stay on the sticky gold blanket at the lower end of the chute.

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Common used fixed sluice boxes are 2 models, they are 1000*6000 and 1000*4000.

sluice box specification

Advantages and Features

Low Price: Compared with other machines, the price of the chute is very low.
High Efficiency: Whether gold particles is large or small, the two models of fixed sluice boxes can capture gold particles very well.
Convenient Installation And Operation: The equipment is light in weight and small in size, it can be manually installed. After a certain period of loading, cleaning the concentrate inside the carpet, you can put the carpet back in place and continue working, so the operation is very convenient.
Easy Maintenance: The only part that needs maintenance or replacement is the carpet, which is easy to maintain.
Large Capacity: Model 1000*6000MM sluice box can handle more than 8 tons in 1 hour. The size can also be customized according to requirements.
No Power Consumption: no power supply is needed, and the operation is very convenient.

2. Pulsating Sluice Box
Product Introduction
Pulsating sluice box is a new type of equipment for gold ore selection based on the common fixed box. Compared with the ordinary sluice box, it can increase gold recovery by 10%. It combines the advantages of fixed sluice box and jig. The advantages of the fixed chute are overcome, and the characteristics of small yield and not easy to be sheet forming are obtained.

Pulsating Sluice Box

This equipment is equipped with 1.1KW electric motor, with a processing capacity of 20-25m2 / h. It can be used as gold panning system in sand panning ship, mobile gold panning machine, fixed gold panning equipment, sand washing machine, etc. It is also widely used in the sand tin ore dressing field, and is a substitute for the fixed chute.

Model Size(m) Feed Concentration Capacity (m3/h) Water (m3/h) Feed Particle Size (mm) Frequency Power
Pulsating Sluice Box specification

Pulsating sluice box is composed of feeding chute, chute, rubber floor, drum frame, eccentric drum system, transmission mechanism, frame, etc.

Working Principle
When the machine works, the slurry enters the feeding tank first. The width of the feed tank is equal to the width of the chute, which is slightly lower than the chute bed surface. It plays the role of buffer and distribution of pulp, so as to avoid the slurry directly impacting the bed surface. The slurry enters the chute and then it is sorted. The chute is made of 40 * 40 angle steel, and the upper side is welded with 50mm wide steel plate, and it is at an angle of 0 degrees with the water surface, which can cause a great eddy current when the slurry flows. The upper grid plate is also processed with elliptical holes and arranged alternately. The main function is to make light minerals in the sedimentary layer under the plate be discharged from the hole under the action of agitation. Iron blocking is set in the front of the oval hole to prevent the coarse gravel from blocking the round hole.

The bottom plate of chute is made of natural rubber. The drum of rubber plate is driven by motor to drive reducer and drum mechanism, forcing the drum frame to move up and down. So that the rubber plate moves up and down, and the heavy minerals in the pulp are layered by this reciprocating movement. The sedimentary layer is always loose. It is beneficial to the recovery of heavy minerals. After 2800mm long separation process, heavy minerals and gold grains are deposited at the bottom between the sliding lattice, and light minerals are discharged continuously from the tail.

Advantages and Features
The problem of blocking of the sliding grid is solved.
The recovery of gold is improved.
The enrichment ratio is tens of times higher than that of jig because the agitating chute discharges the concentrate intermittently.

3. Portable Sluice Box

The portable sluice box is a kind of small placer gold chute with adjustable support. This small new type of chute abandons the disadvantages of traditional coarse gold separation chute, such as large volume, bulky appearance and poor beneficiation effect. It is made of aircraft casing material with high strength, light weight and can be installed in overlapping. It is a kind of mechanical combined multi-functional placer gold separation chute with simple structure and easy disassembly. It can complete the assembly about 30 minutes.

There are many combinations of portable gold chute, which can be selected by customers according to their own working conditions.

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