Featuring low cost, high efficiency, small space occupation, energy conservation, sturdy and durable structure, maintenance easiness and high return on investment, Wet pan mill is mainly used for concentration of gold, silver, lead, zinc, molybdenum, ferrum, copper, antimony, tungsten and tin etc. Wet pan mill is the first choice of substitute for ball grinding machine and is the ideal choice for medium and small-sized mineral separation enterprises.

Working Principle
Firstly, the electric motor transmits the power to the reducer. Driven by the reducer, the torque is transmitted to the upper horizontal shaft through the large vertical shaft. And then transmitted to the roller through the tie rods installed at both ends of the horizontal shaft. It makes the roller generates driving force along the horizontal axis. The shaft rotates counterclockwise in the horizontal direction. The roller can revolve around the vertical shaft of the wet roller while working, and it can also rotate around the central axis of the roller, while the roller is fixed. The added ore materials are subjected to the squeezing force brought by the weight of the grinding wheel in the mill, and the huge friction force generated by the grinding wheel and the grinding plate during the revolution and rotation of the grinding wheel is repeated after being squeezed, kneaded, and ground. The ore thoroughly smashed in the wet pan mill.

Advantages and Features

Smooth surface and no sand holes on the grinding roller
Our rollers are ferrule type. After one year of use, only the outer roller ring needs to be replaced when replacing the roller rollers.
The roller and bottom roller are made of pure white iron and special wear-resistant materials, which are durable.
Molding Products with high density, good strength, no porosity ratio weight
Energy efficient, high volume of output,
Not to slag the loss of effective resources can be fully utilized if the wet pan mill is used for iron ore process tailings recovery.
The pulp density and other indexes stable because the ores and water are evenly mixed.
Compared with the traditional gearbox, the gearbox of this machine has a great change. The first axle is installed according to the assembly principle of Jiefang automobile, which greatly increases the service cycle of the first axle by several times. After the improvement, the equipment has been used by the user, and the consistent response is very good, which solves the user’s worries, and has passed the detection of the authority department.

Main parts of wet pan mill
Main parts have driving shaft, bearing seat, roller, speed reducer, motor and so on. First, the motor transfers power to the decelerator, then the central drive shaft transfers to the horizontal shaft, finally the Roller moves the anticlockwise direction, the material in the wet mill is ground into fine particles.

Structure of wet pan mill:

Wet pan mill is mainly composite of frame, basin, grinding roller, grinding base, speed reducers, motor and so on.

Models of wet pan mill

The product specification is named as the diameter of the roller diameter as the code. Model Ф1600, Ф1500, Ф1400, Ф1350 and Ф1300 wet mills can be used for separating iron, molybdenum, lead, zinc, antimony and other ores. Model Ф1200, Ф1100, Ф1000 ,Ф900 and Ф850 is available for customers to gold selection.

Model Specification Input size(mm) Rotate Speed (r/min) Powder(kw) Weight(t)
1600A 1600×400×200×500±20mm 30mm 20-22 25KW 14.5
1500A 1500×350×200×460±20mm 20-22 22KW 13.5
1500B 1500×350×150×460±20mm 20-22 22KW 12.3
1500C 1500×300×150×420±20mm 20-22 22KW 11.3
1400A 1400×250×150×350±20mm 16-18 18.5kw 8.5
1400B 1400×250×150×350±20mm 21-23 18.5kw 8.5
1350A 1350×250×150×350±20mm 16-18  18.5kw 8
1350B 1350×250×150×350±20mm 21-23 18.5kw 8
1300A 1300×250×150×350±20mm 16-18 15kw 7.5
1300B 1300×250×150×350±20mm 21-23 15kw 7.5
1200A 1200×200×80×250±20mm 17-19 7.5kw 5.5
1200B 1200×200×80×250±20mm 23-25 7.5kw 5.5
1100A 1100×200×80×250±20mm 17-19 7.5kw 5
1100B 1100×200×80×250±20mm 23-25 7.5kw 5
1000 1000×200×80×250±20mm 13-15 5.5kw 4.5

FAQ: Frequency asked questions:

1. Q: What is Model:1600  “1600×400×200×500±20mm” Stand for ?

A: 1600mm is the diameter of  Roller,400mm is thickness of Roller . 200 mm is the thickness of grinding base .500mm is the width of the grinding base

2. Q: If we need processing capacity:1 ton per hour ,which model to choose ,How about 2 ton per hour?

A: 1200A , 1600A

3. Q:Which model of shaking table is suitable to processing the concentrate after wet pan mill ?

A: 2100 shaking combine with 1200A wet pan mill to generate a 1 ton per hour processing line .

4.  Q: How to ship the wet pan mill ?

A: We normally suggest customer to ship by container if the QTY is more than 4  set, the container qty required is depend on the weight of each model . for example , the weight of 1600A is 14.5 ton,one 20″ container  weight limited is :24 ton.So it only can load one set 1600A.

5. Which is the wear parts of the wet pan mill ?

Belt, grinding base and roller

Installation & Operation Instruction For Wet Pan Mill

1. After the horizontal installation and balance of the machine frame, put the Basin on the machine frame , calibrate the center position, and then lock the four fixing screws which is
under the Basin on the machine frame.

2. Evenly fill in 3-5cm height sand in the Basin, then put the grinding base on the sand, and adjust the center in four directions.

3. Put the grinding roller into the track center and connect the connecting rod and roller
4. All parts of the gearbox and bearing of the machine need to be oiled as required
5. The starter must be installed when the power supply is connected
6. Empty machine test start, adjust the left and right distance between the grinding roller and the grinding base, subject to the same distance between the roller and both sides of the
grinding base.

7. Turn the empty machine for 15 minutes, and check whether the screws at all parts are
loose or not.

8. Fill the gap between the grinding base and basin with cement concrete, and make it to
be a slope at basin side, so that the ore can flow back to middle of the grinding roller
smoothly and grind the ore fast quickly
9. After the setting period of cement mortar in the basin, start the machine, add water and
ore to start production

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