Laboratory XDF-Φ250×200 Lab electrostatic separator

Lab electrostatic separator is mainly used for sorting of conductor minerals and non-conductor minerals. It could also be used for grading of various materials as a substitute of screening operation and for processing of food processing and some seed selection work.
When materials are brought to the high-voltage electric field under the action of corona electrode and polarity by the revolving drum, grains are affected by various electricity centrifugal force and gravity (including Coulomb force, non-electric field acting force and interface suction). As electric property and stress status vary with different materials, materials fall along different tracks so as to realize the purpose of sorting.

Stress status of conductors and non-conductors under high-voltage electric field is manifested as: conductor materials can quickly transmit the electric charges they absorb in the electric field and fall in front of the rotating direction of drum under the action of centrifugal force and gravity; while non-conductor materials can quickly transmit the electric charges they absorb in the high-voltage electric field due to their poor conductivity and thus produce interface suction on the drum surface, which is larger than the resultant force of centrifugal force and gravity. In this way, the materials are tightly sucked on the drum surface to the rear and removed forcibly by brush; materials between conductors and non-conductors that fall from the middle belt are the so-called neutral materials.

Specification of Lab electrostatic separator
Model material size to handle(mm) Processing capacity (kg/h) High voltage power supply(w)
XDF-Ф250×200 0.04-1 15-30 800
Drum rotation speed(r/min) Maximum voltage(KV) Dimensions(mm) weight(kg)
50-300 60 920×1120×1850 400
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