gold amalgamator ,Amalgamation cylinder, as a type of internal amalgamating equipment that is widely used in gold processing plant, is used to process heavy sand containing gold of gravel mine and gold concentrate of vein gold mine, presenting a gold recovery rate of higher than 98%.

Product Introduction
Mercury amalgamation is an old method of extracting gold. In all physical and chemical beneficiation methods, its age is only a few years younger than that of the fixed sluice box. Because of its low cost, high efficiency, simple installation and convenient operation, mercury mixing method has been widely used.

amalgamator barrel

The gold amalgamator is to mix and stir the proper amount of mercury and gold bearing particles in the mercury mixer, the mercury friendly gold is wrapped by mercury and separated from other substances, and the mercury in the gold containing mercury paste is extruded to complete the separation of gold and sand. Because Mercury is toxic and expensive, it affects the use. Mercury mixer is generally used in combination with chute to separate gold from gold bearing heavy sand selected by chute.

External mercury mixing method
First grinding and then mixing mercury. There is no structural connection between the grinding equipment and the mercury mixing equipment. It is generally used to recover the coarse gold particles in the pulp from the ball mill. The main equipment is the mercury mixing plate.

Internal mixed mercury method
The operation of internal mercury mixing is carried out in the grinding equipment, that is, grinding and mercury mixing are carried out at the same time. This method is only suitable for the treatment of gold ores with little copper, lead and zinc content and without sulfide. The equipment includes rammer, rolling mill, ball mill, rod mill and mercury mixing cylinder.

gold amalgamator

Gold amalgamator is used for extracting gold from vein gold concentrate or placer gold concentrate. There are many forms and types of gold amalgamators, such as mercury mixing plate, swirling mercury mixer, electric mercury mixing machine, amalgamation cylinder, etc. The recovery rate of gold extraction by mixing mercury in the mixing cylinder is as high as 98%, the mercury loss rate is very low, and the operation is completely closed, which has the least harm to the environment and workers’ health.

Working Principle
The process of extracting precious metals from ores and concentrates by means of liquid mercury is called amalgam. When mixing mercury, the ground gold bearing material is contacted with mercury, the gold particles are wetted by mercury, and gather in mercury to form amalgam. The wall rock minerals, nonferrous metals and iron are not easy to be wetted by mercury and do not form amalgam. Because of the high density of amalgam itself, it is separated from waste rock. The process of mercury mixing essentially includes the wetting process of mercury to gold and the homogenization process of mercury.

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