Mineral separators can be loosely categorized as machines which sort higher grades of ore from waste or lower grades. Separators can utilize gravity, centrifugal force, water, electric conductivity or a mechanical motor to induce separation. The variation in particle sizes and densities of the recoverable minerals allow the machines to concentrate the valuable minerals and discard the gangue mineral, resulting in a cost effective mineral enrichment method.

The selection process for a mineral separator is heavily reliant on the chemical and physical properties of the mineral. The machines have a wide range of applications in a number of different industries and provide a low cost solution with a high recovery rate. Other benefits for this type of machinery include low maintenance costs and a long machinery life. Walker mining offers the following range of products under this category:

  • Jig Separator
  • Spiral Separator
  • Centrifugal Concentrator
  • Shaking Table
  • Flotation Machine
  • Electrostatic Separator
  • Cross Belt Magnetic Separator
  • Magnetic Separator
  • Tin / cassiterite processing plant
  • Coltan / columbite mining plant