Spiral classfiers suitable for dewatering,medium,drainaging and spraying in ore dressing for medium and fine material wet and dry classifying in mine.
Spiral classfiers is mainly used in the production flow of metal processing. According to the difference in sedimentation rate of mineral particles and mud, the particle sizes of ores with 14-325 meshes are classified. Waste mud or water for ore sand can be separated from the ores.
Walker mining produce Submerged and hig weir double spiral classifier,Submerged and High-weir double spirals classifier.

Product Introduction
Spiral classifier is a common beneficiation equipment. It’s widely used in concentrators and ball mills to form a closed-circuit cycle and separate ore sand, or in gravity concentrators to classify ore sand and fine mud, or in metal beneficiation process to classify the size of pulp, as well as desliming and dewatering in ore washing operation. The machine has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable operation and convenient operation.

Spiral Classifier

The shape of the spiral classifier is a rectangular chute with an inclination angle of 12°- 18.5°. The bottom is semicircular, and one or two longitudinal shafts are installed in the groove. The spiral blades are continuously arranged along the shaft length, and the spiral shaft is driven to rotate by the upper end transmission mechanism.

The Classification of Spiral Classifier
It mainly includes high weir single screw, high weir double screw, low weir single screw, low weir double screw, submerged single screw and submerged double screw. Now low weir type is rarely used, mainly high weir type and submerged type.

Our Spiral Classifier
According to the level of the grading liquid level, our spiral classifiers can be divided into high weir type and submerged type.

What is High Weir Classifier?
The overflow weir of the high weir classifier is higher than the center of the lower screw shaft and lower than the upper edge of the screw blade. The length of the grading liquid surface is not large, and the liquid surface can directly feel the stirring action on the spiral blade, so it is suitable for coarse classification, and the classification particle size is more than 0.15mm.

What is Submerged Classifier?
The spiral blade at the lower end of the submerged classifier is completely immersed below the liquid level. The classification area is large and stable, suitable for fine-grain classification, and the classification particle size is below 0.15mm. Its overflow productivity is higher.

Spiral classifier is mainly composed of the transmission mechanism, the spiral body, tank body, the lifting mechanism, lower support (bearing bush) and discharge valve. Since the bearing support is immersed in the slurry for a long time, a good sealing device is required. Three types of sealing devices were commonly used in the past: mechanical seal rolling bearing support, pressure water seal resin bush sliding bearing support and pressure water seal rubber bushing. The sealing performance of these structural types is not very satisfactory. The mechanical seal rolling bearing support was improved later. The packing labyrinth and high-pressure dry oil combined sealing type were adopted to improve the sealing performance and extend the bearing life to about 1 year.

Spiral Classifier structure


Spiral Classifier model

Working Principle
The spiral classifier uses the principle of different particle size, different specific gravity and different settling velocity in liquid. Fine ore particles float in water and overflow, while coarse ore particles sink at the bottom of the tank. The equipment for mechanical classification, which pushes the screw upward to discharge. It can separate and filter the material powder from the ball mill,screw the coarse material into the feed port of the mill by using the screw, and discharge the filtered fine material from the overflow pipe.

Spiral Classifier drawing

Advantages and Features

The maintenance rate is very low.
Simple structure, stable and reliable running, easy operation.
The content of 0.00-0.75mm stone powder is adjustable between 2% – 15%.
The base of channel steel is welded with steel plate, the water and shaft head of screw shaft adopt pig iron sleeve, which is wear-resistant and durable.
Powerful self-contained spiral lifting device.
High efficiency.
Adjustable Flexible Lifting Device.

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