XSZ-73 Single and Double Layer Dual Purpose laboratory vibrating screen

Vibrating Screen is applicable to be used in labs of research institutes and institutions of higher learning in geological, metallurgical, fuel chemical, building engineering, cement, hospital, chemical, powder, national defense and other industries for screening and analysis of test materials


600×300 dual purpose sieve shaker applies to scientific experiment units and plant laboratories of metallurgy, geology, fuel chemistry, construction engineering, cement and other departments. It is used to sieve materials.

This sieve shaker can simultaneously divide materials into two or three kinds of particle sizes. If just two kinds of particle sizes are needed, the blank screen frame can be set on the lower part of upper layer screen body. The supporting screen frame can be used for single layer. Four-layer screen mesh can be replaced to sieve carious types of products as required.

Main technical specifications

lab vibrating screen specs

Main structure

Structure of the machine: it is mainly composed of screen body, base, feed hopper, supporting device, supporting spring, inclination maneuver device, receiving bucket, hold-down assembly, tension device and other parts.

Technical level

This machine is in compact structure with small size and light weight. It can be moved at any time and easy to use in advanced level.

Equipment installation and debugging

The machine is hoisted on the ground with base hole reserved. The anchor bolt should be set well and then grout cement to fix it.

Link power and open self-clocking controller of sieve shaker (hereinafter referred to as controller), then take out two power lines.

One three-core power line: The head with plug should be inserted into the three-pin socket on the housing of controller. Pay attention to the position of plug gap. The other head should be connected to the motor below the sieve shaker.

One four-core power line: the head with plug should be inserted into the four-pin socket on the housing of controller, and the other head should be inserted into field configured four-hole electric outlet.

Preset sieving time of sieve shaker. The time can be adjusted by pressing the lower button of time relay (note: the unit is second. + refers to increase and — refers to decrease.)

Particularly attention is that this job should be performed under the state of power outage, or the time replay will be easily damaged.

Turn on the power switch below the controller to switch on the controller power, then the power light will light up.

Press down the starting button, then the sieve shaker will begin to shake. The sieve shaker will automatically stop shaking when reaching the setting time.

The button can be pressed down if you want to stop shaking before reaching setting time, then the mechanical shaker will immediately stop shaking.

Turn down the power switch of controller if not using the equipment to avoid the equipment being damaged accidentally.

After installation and debugging, the equipment can be put into commissioning.

The sieve should be started. It can be stopped normally. Operation is balanced. Lateral oscillation is not so large. There is no abnormal noise. Temperature rise of motor belt is normal. Then it can be put into normal use.