The  5tph Alluvial gold process plant mine site is located in Ghana, raw materials details as below
1. Alluvial gold with no sticky clay
2. Capacity 5tons per hour
3. Gold concentrate size most 0-3mm, has some nuggets

mining site exsisting equipmentgold mining site

5tph Alluvial gold process plant  technical problem solving

Can the machines do self-wash and with mobile type?
-yes, when the materials feed into the hopper of the trommel screen, the trommel will rotary, when you add the water, the materials wish to be washed clean. And the trommel can be mobile type as below.

mobile trommel screen

How can I get the gold concentrate size 0-3mm and the nuggets?
-the screen mesh of the trommel can be customized, if your gold concentrate size is 0-3mm, the screen mesh size will make 3mm, if the size of the nugget is 10mm, will be another screen mesh of 10mm. Normally the screen mesh can be made of two layers.
After the sieve, the size 0-3mm and 3-10mm, the 0-3mm will to the gold centrifugal concentrator to get the gold concentrate, and 3-10mm will to the gold sluice box to get the gold concentrate

gold centrifugal concentrator for 0-3mm gold concentrate

SLTB30 gold concentrator

Gold sluice box for 3-10mm gold concentrate
gold Sluice box

How much water will need?
-the water consumption is 2-3 times the process capacity, if the processing capacity is 5tons per hour, the water consumption will approx 10-15m³ per hour.

Based on the mine condition of the customer below is the flowchart we recommend

1. Trommel screen for washing the raw materials, and sieve the size 0-3mm and 3-12mm to different separator machines.
2. Gold centrifugal concentrator for processing the 0-3mm materials to get the gold concentrate.
3. Gold sluice box1# for processing the 3-12mm materials to get the gold concentrate.
4. Gold sluice box2# for recovering the gold from the tailing of gold centrifugal concentrator
5. Shaking table for refining the gold concentrate from the Gold centrifugal concentrator
6. Gold smelting furnace is for smelting the gold particles into the gold bar
7. Belt conveyor for transporting the +12mm materials to the waste pile

5tph gold mining equipment layout (1)

5tph gold mining site design

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