Electrostatic separation is a kind of beneficiation method that makes use of the difference of minerals’ electrical conductivity for electrostatic separation in the corona field. This machine is double-drum electrostatic separator. The electrode is combination electrode.
This kind of equipment applies to the sorting of tungsten-tin ores, the concentration of formanite, zirconite, monazite and rutile, as well as the recycle of scrap metal and non-metal materials.

Product Introduction
Electrostatic separation is a beneficiation technique that exploits the differences in conductivity between different minerals to achieve separation. It uses the electrical properties of various minerals and materials in nature to sort crushed particles of material.

Electrostatic Separator

The electrostatic separation equipment(electrostatic separator) is mainly used to sort conductive and non-conductive minerals. Such as conductive minerals: rutile , tin ore and so on; Non-conducting minerals: chromite sand, monazite, garnet, feldspar, scheelite and so on. Electrostatic separator can effectively help to remove particulate matter. Such as remove valuable material from ore or remove foreign material to purify a substance.

Types of Our Electrostatic Separator

ARC Plate Electrostatic Separator
Feed size: -2mm
High pressure adjustable: 0-60Kv
Designed for separation of titaniferous mineral sands, cassiterite, tantalite, wolframite , hard rock ilmenite and rutile, iron ore, etc.,

ARC Plate Electrostatic Separator

It adopts a double-row four-layer structure. Each layer has a grounding arc-shaped slide plate what is made of rust-free steel. An arc-shaped high-voltage electrostatic plate what is made of aluminum plate is installed on the upper part. The electrostatic plate is fixed but it can be adjustable. After the high-voltage static electricity is applied, the mineral slips through the lower mine board to the grounding arc board and then enters the high-voltage electric field area. The conductive mineral is induced to be charged and attracted to the electrode. Due to the gravity, its trajectory is different from that of the non-conductor mine. When discharged, the non-conductor ore is also affected by the electric field. But the non-conductor ore will not be attracted to enter the lower layer and be sorted again. Such selection is repeated 4 time until the mineral product is qualified.


Arc-Plate type electrostatic separator models

Roller Electrostatic SeparatorFeed size: -2mm
High pressure adjustable: 0-60Kv
Commonly recommended or popular use
Designed for the separation of titaniferous mineral sands, chromite, tantalite, cassiterite, hard rock ilmenite and rutile, wolframite and iron ore.

Refer to our roller electrostatic separation equipment, there are 2 rollers and 4 rollers.

Double or 2 Roller Electrostatic Separator
It includes 2 rollers, 1 motor not adjustable speed. It’s suitable for laboratory use.

Double or 2 Roller Electrostatic Separator

4 Roller Electrostatic Separator

4 Roller Electrostatic Separator

It’s suitable for industry use. Our configuration of this separator is as follows:
1. 4 rollers, 2 motors(ordinary non-adjustable speed motor)
2. 4 rollers, 4 motors(adjustable speed motor), frequency conversion electric control cabinet


Structure of 4 Roller Electrostatic Separator


Roller Electrostatic Separator specs

Working Principle
Various minerals with different electrical conductivity pass through the electric field. They will carry different charges due to electrostatic induction or trapping of charged ions. And they will show different characteristics in the electric field. Supplemented by the effect of gravity, the various minerals will produce different trajectories. With the aid of the material receiving device, the different conductive minerals will be separated.

Advantages and Features
Wide range of applications
Easy to adjust
Sorting efficiency is high, purity is high, and output is large
No water required
No noise
Environmental protection and pollution-free