Induction melting furnace is one of important gold refining machine .walker mining supply kinds of induction melting furnace. they will exactly meet your demand . portable melting furnace, bench top small melting furnace , fixed and rotary melting furnace ,all in walker mining range .

Product Introduction
Induction melting furnace is a kind of melting equipment. It use electromagnetic induction to heat and melt metal such as gold, silver, iron, zinc, platinum, aluminum, steel and copper for a variety of industrial purposes. The single capacity of induction melting furnace can reach nearly 100 tons, which can meet the needs of large-scale production. However, the expansion of power installed capacity is often an obstacle for many enterprises. Therefore, induction furnace is more suitable for small and medium-sized production. Induction furnace can melt all kinds of steel and nonferrous metals. As far as the production of iron castings is concerned, the adaptability of induction furnace to products is better than cupola. It can smelt a variety of high alloy cast iron, such as high chromium cast iron. For the production mode of stage working system, induction furnace is more suitable. Because of the induction melting furnace is intermittent smelting, which provides molten iron equal to furnace capacity at intervals. The dust of induction smelting furnace is oxide fine particles. There is strong electromagnetic pollution and all the pollution is in the factory. So relatively speaking it also reduces dust and other pollutants generated by industrial processes. It uses electricity as energy, and the power consumption per ton of molten iron is about 160mj (600kwh).

gold induction melting furnace

Walker Mining is a professional manufacture of induction melting furnace. All furnaces are designed to be energy efficient and low maintenance. A wide selection for custom options to meet your requirements. JXSC’s induction melting furnace is within superior performance and outstanding durability.

Our Melting Furnace
Cabinet Type Melting Furnace

Cabinet Type Melting Furnace

Portable Melting Furnace

portable melting furnace

Melting Furnace Crucible 

melting furnace crucible

Melting Furnace Mold

melting furnace mold

The induction melting furnace is composite of intermediate frequency power supply, capacitor cabinet, furnace body, mechanical tilting device (or hydraulic tilting device), water distributor, crucible mold (or graphite crucible, iron crucible), water-cooled cable, connecting copper bar etc.,


melting furnace specification

Working Principle
The solid metal raw materials are placed in a crucible wound by a coil. When the current passes through the induction coil, an induced electromotive force occurs. At the same time, an eddy current occurs inside the metal charge. When the heat generated by the current is greater than the rate of heat dissipation of the metal charge, as the heat accumulates the more, when reaching a certain critical point, the metal melts from solid to liquid. It reaches the intention of tempering the metal.

In the working process of the induction smelting furnace, because the entire process takes place in a vacuum state, it is beneficial to the removal of the gas inside the metal and other impurities. And the obtained metal alloy material is more pure. In the forging process, after the vacuum environment and induction heating steps, the melting temperature can be adjusted and metal raw materials can be supplemented in time to achieve the purpose of refining. During the melting process, due to the characteristics of the induction melting technology of the induction melting furnace, the interaction between the liquid metal material and the electromagnetic force inside the crucible can automatically complete the stirring and make the composition more uniform. This is also a major advantage of the induction melting furnace.

Advantages and Features
Space-saving. The equipment is small in volume that require less of your working space.
Light weight, high efficiency and energy saving.
Unparalleled durability for a long crucible life
Low temperature around the furnace and the working environment is good.
Simple operation process and reliable smelting operation.
Hassle-free maintenance and minimal downtime.
The heating temperature and metal composition are uniform, the burn loss is less, and the casting quality is good.
The melting temperature is fast and the furnace temperature is easy to control.

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