Bucket elevator including : NSE,NE,TDG chain slat bucket elevator,HLTB Chain bucket elevator. This type of elevator is widely used in different industries to elevate powdery materials and small granular materials with large transport quantity

Product Introduction
The bucket elevator is suitable for lifting from low to high. After the supplied materials are put into the hopper through the shaking table, the machine will automatically run continuously and transport upward. The conveying speed can be adjusted according to the conveying capacity, and the lifting height can be selected as required.The hopper is self-designed and manufactured. PP non-toxic hopper makes the bucket elevator more widely used. All sizes are designed and manufactured according to the actual needs. It is designed for supporting vertical packaging machine and computer measuring machine.

Bucket elevator is a series of hoppers uniformly fixed on the end-free traction components, and the continuous conveying machinery for vertical lifting of materials. Bucket elevator uses a series of hoppers fixed on the traction chain or tape to transport bulk materials vertically or nearly vertically. It can be divided into ring chain, plate chain and belt.

Bucket elevator

Bucket elevator for mining
Mine bucket elevator is suitable for conveying powdery, granular and small sized materials without grinding and with small grinding property. It is a kind of ring chain bucket elevator, which adopts mixed or gravity unloading and digging loading.

Our bucket elevator for mining is made of high quality alloy steel high ring chain for haulage parts. The middle casing is divided into single channel and double channel, which is the constant force automatic tension of internal heavy hammer box. The sprocket adopts the combined structure of replaceable flange. It has long service life and easy to replace flange.

The gravity automatic tension device is used in the lower part of our bucket elevator, which can maintain a constant tension and avoid slipping or chain off. At the same time, the hopper has a certain tolerance when encountering the jamming phenomenon caused by accidental factors, which can effectively protect the lower shaft and other parts.

Our mine bucket elevator is used for vertical transportation of various bulk materials. It is suitable for conveying powdery, granular and small pieces of materials, and the material temperature is below 250 ℃.

Bucket elevator is composed of hopper, driving device, top and bottom rollers (or sprocket), belt (or traction chain), tensioning device and casing.

Bucket elevator strucutre

Traction Component
(1) Rubber Belt
Screw and elastic gasket are fixed at the belt mouth. The width of belt is 35-40mm more than the hopper. Generally, the common belt can deliver materials with temperature not more than 60 ℃, and the heat-resistant belt can be used to deliver materials up to 150 ℃.

(2) Chain
The single chain bar is fixed on the back wall of hopper. The double chain is connected to both sides of the hopper. The chain bucket elevator adopts single chain when the hopper width is 160-250mm, and double chain is used when hopper is 320-630mm. The main disadvantage is that the chain links are worn greatly and the maintenance times are increased.

(3) Sprocket
Drive sprocket on bucket elevator is used to mesh with the block with accurate pitch on the link or cable. It is a solid or spoke gear, which is meshed with roller chain to transmit movement.

Design of sprocket tooth shape: the sprocket tooth shape must ensure the chain energy saving and freely entering and exiting the engagement, minimize the impact and contact stress of the chain link when engaging, and it should be easy to process. The sprocket material should ensure the gear teeth have enough strength and wear resistance, the sprocket surface is generally heat treated to make it to a certain hardness.

Working Principle
The hopper scoops up the material from the storage, and as the conveyor belt or chain is lifted to the top, it turns down after bypassing the top wheel, and the bucket elevator tilts the material into the receiving tank. The belt of bucket elevator with drive generally adopts rubber belt, which is installed on the lower or upper transmission drum and the upper and lower turning drum. The bucket elevator with chain drive is generally equipped with two parallel transmission chains, with a pair of drive sprockets on or below, and a pair of opposite sprockets at the bottom or above. Bucket elevator is generally equipped with a casing to prevent dust flying in bucket elevator.

Advantages and Features
Simple structure, low maintenance cost.
Small driving power and high conveying efficiency. It adopts inflow type feeding, induction type discharging and large capacity hopper intensive layout, so there is almost no material return and digging phenomenon during material lifting, so the invalid power is less.
High lifting height and wide lifting range. This kind of elevator has few requirements for the types and characteristics of materials. It can not only lift general powdery and small granular materials, but also lift materials with high grinding performance. It has good sealing performance and less environmental pollution.
Good operation reliability, advanced design principles and processing methods. Ensure the reliability of the whole machine operation, no fault time more than 20000 hours. High lifting height, the hoist runs smoothly, so it can reach a higher lifting height.
It has a long service life. The feeding material of the elevator adopts the inflow type, and there is no need to dig the material with a bucket. There is little extrusion and collision between the materials. The machine is designed to ensure that the materials are less scattered during feeding and discharging, so as to reduce the mechanical wear.

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