100T/H Alluvial Ta & Nb ore processing plant in Uganda

JXSC company have built a 100T/H alluvial Ta & Nb ore processing plant in Uganda.

We provided “turnkey solution” to our clients in this project. Details include below:

Mining project processing consulting at beginning.
Design and draw flowchart.
Engineer go to mine site to check the mine and ore before starting.
Providing complete set processing equipments.
Dispatching engineer to customer’s mine site for guidance of equipments installation, commissioning and training worker.

Ta&Nb ore condition:

most of ore is alluvial type, some are bigger size rock type, so firstly need to separate out big particles to

crush to smaller size, the use the gravity processing machine to separate out Ta&Nb.

Main machines include:

vibrating feeder->vibration screen-> belt conveyor-> cone crusher-> belt conveyor->jig separator-> shaking table

Processing flowchart as below:

100TPH Capacity Complete Set Coltan Processing Plant in Nigeria

Hopper->Vibrating Feeder->Trommel Scrubber->Jig Separator->(roll crushing mill->)Vibration Screen->Slurry Pump->Shaking Table->Air Dryer->three disc magnetic separator
1) We supplied the full plant for this coltan project.
1.Hopper was produced on customer’s coltan site of rolled steel
2.Vibration Feeder, capacity 100tph, sieve size 80mm, Model ZSW420X110, 1SET
3.Trommel Scrubber washing machine, screen mesh 5mm, capacity 100tph, Model 1500, 1SET
4. Jig Separator, capacity 25tph/set, Model JT6-3, total 4SETS
5.Roll Crushing Mill, Model PC-800×600, 1SET
6. Vibration Screen, capacity 30-90tph, JXSC-1536, total 2SETS
7. Slurry Pump, flow 80-136m3/h, Model 4PNJ, 1SET
8.Shaking Table, Model 6-s, total 7SETS
9. Three Disc Magnetic Separator, Capacity 120-800kg/h, Model 3PC-600, 1SET

Coltan / Columbite
Coltan / Columbite occurs mainly in granitic pegmatite veins and albitized and greisenized granites. It coexists with quartz, feldspar, muscovite, lepidolite, beryl, topaz, zircon, cassiterite, wolframite, monazite, barite, thorite, etc.,
Color: Brownish black to iron black (the color of columbite ore and tantalum manganese ore is lighter)
Hardness: 4.2 (columbite) – 7 (tantalum manganese ore)
Specific Gravity: 5.36~8.17
Streaks: Dark red to black
Gloss: Semi metallic to metallic, translucent to opaque
Useful: Mainly used to produce special alloy steels for military industry and advanced technology
Distribution: Democratic Republic of Congo, China, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Nigeria, Zaire, Kenya, Tanzania, etc.,

Coltan / Columbite Mining
Coltan / Columbite mines have open-pit mining or underground mining. The mining process usually contains washing, screening, gravity separation and magnetic separation. Sometimes crushing is also needed if the ore is too big.

Coltan / Columbite Mining Method
The method of Coltan mining: hand separation, flotation, chemical or chemical flotation, radioactive, gravity and magnetic separation.

Coltan is mined by hand in the Congo
Congo has a group of coltan mined by hand. The hand mining method is to dig basins in streams and scrape mud from the surface. The water around the crater was “stirred” so that the coltan ore settled to the bottom of the crater, and the miners retrieved it. This mining method has a great impact on the environment. Manual selection is gradually eliminated, and the other methods have a progressive development.

Coltan / Columbite Mining Flow

Coltan Columbite Mining Flow

Coltan / Columbite Mining Equipments on Sale
Vibration Screen: Classic, Universal and Standardized Screen
Vibrating screen is a screening equipment with vibrating motor as vibration source, which is a classic, universal and standardized screening machine. Its screening accuracy is high, and corresponding the capacity is not too high. The capacity of our vibrating screen is about 10-500t/h and the layers of the screen can be from 1 to 4.

Spiral Chute: High Efficiency Gravity Separation Equipment
Spiral chute is generally used as roughing equipment, which can discard most of tailings to get coarse concentrate. It is suitable for separating non-ferrous metal, rare metal and non-metallic mineral bodies with particle size of 2-0.02mm. Such as iron ore, ilmenite, chromite, pyrite, tungsten ore, tin ore, tantalum ore, niobium ore, etc., The beneficiation process of our spiral chute is stable, easy to control, the allowable variation range of feed particle size is large, the enrichment ratio is high, and the recovery rate is high.

Magnetic Separator : Fit For Your Various Need
Magnetic separator is widely used in resource recovery. It’s suitable for the magnetic separation of magnetite, pyrrhotite, ilmenite, limonite, hematite, manganese and other materials with a particle size of less than 3-5mm. It is also used in the removal of iron from coal, non-metallic minerals, building materials and other materials. Magnetic separator is one of the most widely used and highly versatile machines in the mining industry.

The magnetism of minerals is different, so we supply weak, medium and strong magnetic separators. There are magnetic separators work in dry and wet in our product line. Permanent and electromagnetic magnetic separators are all on sale. Our magnetic separator line is very rich that can fit your various needs.

Ball Mill: Key Equipment to Crush The Ore After The First Crushing
Ball mill is usually used as the second or last crusher for the ore with particle size less than 20mm. The capacity of our ball mill is about 1-95t/h and the discharge is 0.074-0.4mm. The dry grinding and wet grinding, lattice type and overflow type ball mill can be found in our mining products. The common ratio of steel balls, materials and water is 4 :2: 1 for our ball mills.

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