linear vibrating feeder is characterized by stable vibration, reliable operation, long service life, etc. It is capable of feeding crushers in an uninterrupted and even way and coarsely sieving materials. Such linear vibrating feeders are widely used in crushing and screening equipment in ore-dressing, building materials, silicate and chemical industry.

Product Introduction
Vibrating feeder is a kind of equipment that can uniformly, regularly and continuously feed bulk and granular materials from the storage bin to the receiving device. It used both vibration and gravity to move material. Gravity is used to determine the direction and the vibration is used to move the material. The feeder is mainly used to transport a large number of smaller objects.In the sand and gravel production line, it can continuously and evenly feed the crushing machinery and coarsely screen the materials. It is widely used in the crushing and screening combined equipment of metallurgy, coal mine, mineral processing, building materials, chemical industry, abrasives and other industries.

Vibrating Feeder

Vibration feeder can be divided into two categories: motor vibration feeder and electromagnetic vibration feeder. The vibrating feeder we often say is motor vibration feeder,which is subdivided into tube vibration feeder and trough vibration feeder. According the installation of vibration feeder, it can be divided into down vibration type and side vibration type. The hanging type is the most common one, and it also has the requirement of seat type design. Motor vibrating feeder is an economical feeder with large capacity at present and it is widely used. According to the layout requirements of feeder users, it can be designed into sealed type and open type. The import and export styles can be customized according to the requirements. Accord the structure and application, vibrating feeder also can be divided into GZD, ZSW and GZZ serial.There are many choices for the feeder, you might need for help. Ask our sales to get the right one for your project.

Vibrating feeder is composed of feeding tank, vibration exciter, spring support, transmission device, etc.

Feed Tank
The feed tank(material trough) is a load-bearing component, which is used to bear the stored materials and deliver them to the next receiving equipment by vibration. According to the actual needs, the material trough is made of carbon steel plate, low alloy structural steel plate, heat-resistant steel plate or aluminum alloy plate.

Vibration Exciter
vibration exciter is composed of two eccentric shafts (active and passive) and gear.Commonly used exciters are inertial exciters, elastic link exciters, electromagnetic exciters, hydraulic or pneumatic exciters, and cam exciters.

Spring Support
The support spring mainly supports the vibrating machine body, so that the machine body realizes the required vibration and reduces the dynamic load transmitted to the foundation or frame.

Transmission Device
Vibration motor drives the exciter to generate exciting force for work

Vibrating Feeder structure


Vibrating Feeder models

Working Principle
The vibrating feeder uses the eccentric block rotation in the vibrator to produce centrifugal force. The movable parts such as the screen box and vibrator can make forced continuous circular or approximate circular motion. Vibrating feeder is composed of feeding tank, vibration exciter, spring support, transmission device, etc. The vibration source of tank vibration feeding is the vibration exciter. The vibration exciter is composed of two eccentric shafts (active and passive) and gear. The motor drives the driving shaft through the triangle belt, and then the gears on the driving shaft mesh with the passive shaft to rotate. The active and passive shafts rotate reversely at the same time to make the tank vibrate and make the material flow continuously, so as to achieve the purpose of conveying materials

Advantages and Features
Small volume, light weight and simple structure.
Easy installation and maintenance, low operating cost.
High efficiency and high feeding capacity.
Low noise is conducive to improving the working environment.
The feeding material is uniform, the continuous performance is good, and the excitation force is adjustable.
Change and control flow at any time, easy to operate. Adjusting eccentric block can adjust the feed quantity conveniently.
Eccentric block is excitation source, low noise, less power consumption, good regulation performance, no blanking phenomenon.
If the enclosed fuselage is used, dust pollution can be prevented.
It has stable vibration, reliable operation and long life, and has strong adaptability to various materials.Flexibility in design options ensures a seamless fit into your existing production processes for your specific application.
The grid gap is adjustable.
There are more wear parts.
Special grille design can prevent material from clogging.

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