Washing, is an enrichment method utilized to improve the value of a mineral by removing organic impurities attached to the rock. Different machinery and techniques are used depending on the strength of joins between the impurities and the recoverable mineral. Washing equipment can be used for a wide range of valuable minerals, however majority of Walker Mining machinery of this category is intended for washing gold.

Gold wash plant such as the sluice box and gold pan make use of gravity and the medium of water to wash the gangue minerals away, while the gold amalgamator and mercury retort make use of a chemical process involving mercury to obtain the final product.

  • Trommel scrubber
  • Trommel screen
  • Mobile trommel washer
  • Alluvial Placer Gold Machine
  • 3D Flowchart Design
  • Sluice Box
  • Gold Amalgamator
  • Induction Melting Furnace
  • Mecury retort
  • Gold pan