To summarize, we can separate gold ore into two categories: alluvial /placer gold and rock gold. For rock gold ,roughly,the gravity separating flow goes like : crushing–>milling—->gold centrifugal—-> sluice box —>shaking table .For alluvial gold with sticky mud or clay, the flowchart flow goes like feeding—> gold trommel —> gravity mineral separators like centrifugal concentrator, jig separator, spiral chute, and shaker table.
All machines involved the alluvial gold processing plant. We can call it an alluvial placer gold machine.

Alluvial Placer
After natural weathering and disintegration, endogenetic or exogenetic deposits are formed into sand and gravel, transported by water, and left the place of origin along the river valley and beach to become an alluvial placer.

Gold Mining Plant
Gold Raw Material: Alluvial gold/placer gold/sand gold/river gold/ gold tailing, etc.
Mainly Mined from Land surface or river or underground.
Alluvial placer gold deposits form over time where a river runs or has previously run through the ground that is rich in gold. It usually takes the form of dust, thin flakes, or nuggets.

Alluvial Placer Gold Mining
Alluvial placer gold is usually found beneath the surface at the bottom of a stream or creek; the process of extracting gold from these creaks is called alluvial placer gold mining. So it is considered the most environmentally friendly method of gold mining since it has less environmental impact than underground mining.
Alluvial Placer Gold Machine
Gold plan mining equipment is used for gold separation of sand gold, rock gold, and other minerals. It includes gravity separation and flotation. With the increasingly stringent requirements of the state for environmental protection, the supervision of the mine is also upgraded. The gold mining products that pollute the environment are being eliminated, and the environmental protection equipment is constantly occupying the market share. Therefore, the flotation method will gradually withdraw from history, and more and more people know gravity gold mining machinery. Alluvial placer gold is often used in gravity separation, so the machine is the most gravity separation equipment.
Placer gold machine mainly includes agitation chute, shaker table, jig, or centrifuge. Both agitating chute and centrifuge can realize mechanized cleaning of coarse concentrate with large capacity and high recovery. In terms of process configuration also reduces the space and floor area compared with the fixed chute, which will undoubtedly replace the single fixed chute-based process. This process equipment configuration is compact, which makes reasonable use of the space of gold plan equipment and natural height difference, and realizes the gravity return of pulp. Thus simplifying the gold separation process. In addition, the selection operation reduces the loss of gold. This process will eventually replace the chute with the jigging process. The process of raw ore dewatering and desliming will be added to the gold plan machine, such as the trommel screen. The gold-bearing heavy sand is extracted. The final product is extracted in the onshore concentration plant, which can simplify the gold separation process on the gold panning equipment, reduce gold loss, and improve the recovery rate of gold.

Alluvial Placer Gold Machine for Sale
Trommel Screen: Widely Used in Placer Gold Plan
Trommel screen is a machine widely used in separation technology, which is used for grading and screening medium and fine materials. It is used in placer without slimes, such as alluvial placer, tantalum niobium ore, tin ore, tungsten ore, and diamond.
Our mobile trommel screen and stationary type trommel screen are on sale.

Sluice Box: Over 100 Years History
Alluvial Placer Gold Machine: sluice box, what is also called gold chute, sluice chute. It has a history of over 100 years’ use, which is one of the most practical and enduring methods of gold prospecting. This chute is a gold machine with high recovery, mature technology, wide application, and economic and environmental protection. Fixed chute, agitation chute, and small gold chute are on sale in our company.

Shaking Table: High-efficiency Sorting Equipment
Shaker table is widely used to sort out tungsten, tin, tantalum, niobium, gold, Iron, Chrome, Manganese, Zircon, Lead, and so on. Shaking tables can use it for different operations such as roughing and sweeping operations.
Sorting Ability: coarse sand (2-0.5mm), fine sand (0.5-0.074mm), ore mud (-0.074mm)
The shaking table on sale: Laboratory shaker, stand shaking table within 2.1 meters, and 6S shaking table.
6S shaking table is a new type of shaker table that is recommended. There are three kinds of table surfaces: coarse sand, fine sand, and sludge, and there are five different slot numbers to choose from (46/60/88/120/138 slots).

alluvial gold processing plant

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