Product Introduction
Swing feeder is also called pendulum feeder or swaying feeder, which is a kind of auxiliary equipment of transport machinery. It is suitable for conveying small pieces of materials with large specific gravity by a certain amount with short moment distance. And it is not suitable for delivering viscous materials, dry or too large particles. Because it may appear the fly-ash pollution or the jam of the output.

Swing Feeder

Swing feeder is suitable for mineral processing, coal, chemical industry and other departments. It can send granular materials from storage tank to various types of receiving devices through funnel. It’s popular in mining, especially play an important role while it combines ball mill with ore belt conveyor. A swaying feeder is often used in front of the ball mill to evenly feed the material to the ball mill. The feeder can be used for the processing line with ball mill in the processing line of rock gold, rock copper, rock tantalum niobium tin ore, etc. This kind of feed general batching bucket in front and belt conveyor in back. They work perfect.

Our BE series feeder is swing feeder. Its capacity is 6-50t/h and the power is 0.75-5.5kw. It’s widely used in chemical industry, mining, metallurgy, construction, mineral processing, coal and other industries. It is generally installed in the lower part of the outlet of the silo.

The pendulum feeder is composed of working body, connecting rod, eccentric wheel, speed reducer, coupling, motor, etc.,

Swing Feeder structure


Working Principle
The swing frequency of the valve fan is generally 45 ~ 50 times / min. When the valve fan retreats, the material is discharged from a gap formed between the valve fan and the working body. The clearance is determined by the eccentricity of the eccentric. The adjustment range of eccentricity varies with the feeder specification.

When the pendulum feed works, the triangle belt reducer of the pendulum feeder forces the motor to decelerate, and the decelerating power is transmitted to the eccentric wheel with adjustable eccentricity. Then, the eccentric wheel drives the swing bottom plate and the connecting rod to swing. The ore in the ore bin passes through the inner cavity of the feeding body and is discharged out of the machine from the discharge port at a constant speed, so as to ensure the uniform feeding of the ball mill.

If you want to adjust the feeding amount of the feeder, you can change the length of the swing stroke or the height of the outlet gate.The feeding amount can be adjusted in a larger range by changing the length of the swing stroke.And adjust the height of the outlet gate,it can change the size of the outlet, so as to accurately adjust the feeding amount.

Advantages and Features
Simple structure, easy management.
High-efficiency, long continuous working hours.
Low consumption, low failure rate, energy saving.
Reasonable design.
Long service life feeder mining machine.
Dust Pollution is small.
Installed under the storage binor funnel.
The conveying particle size is not more than 50mm.
Suitable for drying non-caking materials and not suitable for conveying powder materials.
The machine can also be used as a latch when it is not working.
It may adjust evenly the quantity of mineral deposits, and it obtains the widespread application.
The accessories are made of high wear-resistant materials, some special vulnerable parts also use heat treatment, greatly extending the service life of accessories.

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