5 tph copper ore process plants shipped to Somalia

Mine site is located in Somalia, raw materials details as below

1. Oxide copper ore and sulfide copper ore
2. Capacity 5tons per hour
3. Final size 0-2mm


How can I get the copper concentrate?
-The raw copper ore is oxide ore mixed with sulfide ore, we suggest the gravity separator(economic and suitable for both types of ore), use the crusher crush to 0-2mm as the customer requires, then use a shaking table to separate the copper concentrate.

How can I feed the machines?
-you can feed the machines by excavator, if you want to feed more smoothly, can add the hopper and feeder machine before the crusher. From the crusher to the separator machine can use a slurry pump.

How much water will I need?
-the water consumption is 2-3 times of the process capacity, if the process capacity is 5tons per hour, the water consumption will be approx 10-15m³ per hour

Base on the mine condition of the customer, below is the flowchart we recommend
1. raw materials to the hopper+chute feeder, chute feeder feed raw materials to the jaw crusher automatically
2. jaw crusher for crushing ore to small sands
3. hammer crusher for crushing output from the jaw crusher to 0-2mm
4. 0-2mm will transport by the slurry pump to the distribution tank
5. the 0-2mm materials will flow to the shaking table by pipe from the distribution tank
6. the shaking table is for the copper concentrating

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