plastic gold pan for gold mining

Product Introduction
Gold pan is the most basic piece of prospecting equipment. It is both the beginning and the end of the gold prospecting process. It is usually used for sampling before you set up a sluice, highbanker, or dredge. The pan is used for the clean up of concentrates that are collected by those larger pieces of mining equipment. It is used to separate gold, platinum, tungsten, tin and rare metal ores. And it is suitable for sand fields, road and bridge projects, mines, construction sites and other sites.

Gold Pan
Size: Gold pans come in various sizes from small 10 inch diameter pans up to 18 inch diameter pans.
Color: Blue, black, grey, green, and so on.
Materials: Plastic or Metal
Shape: round, square, hexagonal, triangular, and even a blend of rectangular and round.
Our gold pan can be made of plastic or metal. But the common use of our gold pan is plastic. It is very popular because of its’ light weight and it requires no maintenance since it will never rust. There are many colors for our gold pan, but black and green are recommended. Because they really help make the gold stand out when you are panning. The traditional shape of a gold pan is round. Besides the round shape, we also supply square, hexagonal, triangular, and even a blend of rectangular and round. You can accord your requirement to choose the right shape. Meanwhile there are a widely choose for pan’s size. Such from 10 to 18 inch. Most prospectors favor a 10, 12 or 14 inch gold pan. Because this size of panning plate is comfortable to operate for most people.

Working Principle
The separation principle of gold pans is similar to that of shaking table. It is also based on the specific gravity difference of the ore and the difference of the movement and speed of the minerals in the water when the gold pan is shaking. Due to the periodic shaking and bumping of minerals in the panning pan, the ore is well loosened, so that the ore particles can be stratified according to the specific gravity along the depth of the pan.
When the particle size is the same, the ore particles with large specific gravity are concentrated under the ore layer with small specific gravity. If the particle size is different and the specific gravity is the same, the fine particles are in the lower layer. The coarse particles are in the upper layer, and the very fine heavy particles are concentrated in the lower layer and deposited on the bottom of the plate. Then the light and coarse particles in the upper layer are winnowed out and discarded as tailings.

Advantages and Features
1. It can be used as long as there is water.
2. It can be used as gravity separation test tool in mine operation.
3. It fits for the beginners of gold panning, mineral processing experiment.
4. It is suitable for use in mountainous areas, rivers and streams where electricity and traffic are not convenient.
5. The gold pan is made of tough plastic, which is resistant to falling, wear and easy to carry.

Gold Pan are used for washing and separating gold from sand, alluvial, placer gold mine, and river sand gold mine. The principal is much the same of that of a shaker table, however instead of a table and motor, a bowl shaped hand tool is used to manually shake the waste material away leaving only the gold in the pan.

Gold pan is portable, small, and is suitable for a single person or miner to operate. One of the oldest methods of separating gold from waste ore, they are traditionally used along river banks where gold settles. These days however, they can also be used after a gold washing trommel or sluice box in a small processing circuit. In today’s technological fueled mining industry, the Gold Pan certainly still has a place in small scale operations.

When panning for gold, the plastic gold  pan is partially filled with the feed mixture and then methodically rocked back and forth in rhythm. This rocking or shaking motion allows the denser gold particles to sink to the bottom of the pan and get trapped in the grooves or unsmooth carpet at the base. The lighter sand and waste particles then rise to the top of the feed mixture and are washed away.
Material: PP
warranty :1 year
color available :red,blue,black
Net weight: 340g/piece
Gross weight: 340g/piece
Packing: 100 pieces/carton
Carton package dimension: 38.5*38.5*96cm
  1. Partially fill gold pan with material to be sifted through
  2. Discard larger rocks and remove any moss on smaller rocks
  3. Submerge gold pan with material underwater and begin sifting through, washing away lighter sand and gravel
  4. Whilst the pan is semi-submerged in water, shake the pan back and forth or use a slight circular motion. The lighter rocks should rise to the surface and as they do, discard them so that only sand and gold remain in the pan
  5. Continue this process gently, being cautious not to be too rough as gold particles could be accidentally discarded in the process
  6. Once the pan has been sifted through, safely remove the gold particles at the bottom into a separate container and repeat process
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