Spiral separator also called Spiral chute is one of low investment gravity separating machine with high processing capacity.Compared with shaking table ,gold shaking table ,jig separator , spiral separator have advantages like: high processing capacity, low cost , energy saving ,user friendly,long lift span. it is widely applied in alluvial gold ,chrome,tungsten,Tin mining plant in Africa,Asia.

Product Introduction
Spiral separator(spiral chute) is one of the gravity concentrators. It can separate minerals of different specific gravity according to their relative movement in response to gravity, centrifugal force and other forces in the fluid medium. In the processing of ores, spiral separator has extremely good performance and effects.

Spiral chute is mostly used to process mineral such as cassiterite, scheelite, chromite, ilmenite, Zircon, Monazite, etc., It is also used to recover heavy minerals in flotation tailings. It is generally used as a roughing equipment in mining. It can discard most of the tailings to obtain coarse concentrate.

spiral chute

Our spiral separator for heavy minerals, including ilmenite, chromite, pyrite, zircon, rutile, monazite, ethyl phosphate, tungsten ore, tin ore, tantalum and other non-ferrous metals, rare metals and non-metallic mineral bodies with different specific gravity , separate particles in the size range 2 to 0.02 mm.

Product Structure
Our spiral chute is composed of 6 parts: distributor, feeding chute, spiral chute, discharge chute, collector and chute bracket. The spiral chute composed of spiral pieces is the main component. The spiral piece is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic and connected together by bolts.

The glass fiber reinforced plastic spiral sheet is light and strong. Its selection working surface has a wear-resistant layer, which is durable. The head of the trough is equipped with a multi-tube feed ore divider, which divides ore evenly and is easy to control. The evenly divided ore pulp is slowly fed to the spiral groove surface through the ore orange. The end of the spiral groove is equipped with a valve block type product intercepting groove, which divides the sorted ore stream into several products according to the grade. Adjust the position of the valve block to change the intercepting width of each product. The mining bucket is a concentric annular cylinder, which collects and exports the intercepted multiple streams according to the products.

spiral chute structure

We can also produce spiral chute with epoxy resin spiral sheet, which has a polymer wear-resistant layer and is a new material. But it’s more cost than glass fiber reinforced plastic spiral sheet. If you have a sufficient budget, you can consider choosing this material spiral.

Our Mineral spiral separator accords the outside diameter of the spiral sheet to name. Such as model 1500 means the outside diameter of the spiral sheet is 1500mm.

We have one and multi-turns of spiral chutes. A turn is with 5 spiral sheets, two turns is 10 spiral sheets, and so on. Model 400 & 600 is one turn, which is for laboratory use. Model 900 and 1200 is 3 turns, which is for industry use. Our hot spiral chute is 2-4 turns. You can choose the number of turns according to actual needs.

Working Principle

Erect the spiral chute, align the vertical line, and fix it in a suitable position with an iron frame or wood. Use the sand pump send the ore to the two inlets on the top of the screw. Add supplemental water to adjust the concentration of the ore. The oars naturally swirl from high to downwards, generating a kind of inertial centrifugal force in the rotating slant velocity. According to the difference in the specific gravity, particle size and shape of the ore, the gravity and centrifugal force of the swirling flow separate the ore from the sand. Concentrate flows into the concentrate bucket and connects with a pipeline, and the tailings flows into the tailing bucket and connects to the sand pond with a pipeline. The sand pump is used to drain the tailings. Then the whole process of beneficiation is completed.

Model & Parameters

spiral chute model


Advantages and Features

The feed size is required to be less than 2mm
Simple and reasonable structure
Easy to install and operate
Light weight, moisture-proof, rust-proof and corrosion-resistant
The sorting process is stable, easy to control and reliable in operation
The allowable range of feed ore concentration is wide. It is highly adaptable to the fluctuation of feed ore concentration, particle size and grade.
High beneficiation enrichment ratio and high recovery rate
Small footprint
Low water consumption
No power required
Large processing capacity, clear separation and high efficiency
Low price and low investment The effect is quick.
No noise
It is mostly used in silica sand processing lines, as well as coal washing processing lines.

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