Jiangxi walker machinery is an advanced market player in gravity mining machine designs and manufacturing and is based in China. Our  factory JXSC is a highly preferred one, and as of now, we have two product lineups available:

  • Mining Separator
  • Trammel Scrubber

For innovation in equipment design and mining, we have two highly competitive senior engineers and one engineer working in collaboration. Also, we maintain good university relations with popular universities such as the Jiangxi University of Science and Technology, Ganzhou Nonferrous Metallurgy Research Institute, Hunan Research Institute of Nonferrous Metals, etc., of the premier institutes in the field of mining research. By hiring the best minds from universities, we get a chance to improve our design and production line, which prove to be beneficial in the mining industry.

We have been evolving continuously in the mining industry for the past three decades. Our rich experience in gold mining, tungsten mining, wolfram mining, tin mining, coltan mining, columbite mining, cassiterite mining, iron ore mining, black/beach sand mining, etc. along with design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, and training of plant has helped us create a standardized methodology to deliver the best results to our customers.

Internationally, our clients are based out of countries in Africa and Asia, and we have implemented solutions in 43 countries from all over the world. Our global client base is growing rapidly owing to the high-quality services we provide.

Our Journey

  • 1985: First factory established in Shicheng County of Jiangxi Province to manufacture shaking table and spiral chu
  • 1995: Our factory produces the first jig separator.
  • 2005: Our product lineup has centrifuge and magnetic separator as new additions.
  • 2007: Factory relocated to the industrial area of Shi
  • 2008: Our factory starts producing Trammel Scrubber.
  • 2010: New marketing division opened for global markets.
  • 2011: First overseas plant commissioned.
  • 2013: We make our way to one among the top 3 exporters of Shicheng.
  • 2014: Fourth workshop commissioned.

Listed below are the production levels of our factories:

Product Name Production capacity Max production capacity
Trammel scrubber 20 units/month 42 units/month
Shaking table 300 units/month 480 units/month
Spiral chute 600 units/month 1200 units/month
Jig separator 100 units/month 180 units/month
Centrifuge 30 units/month 50 units/month
Magnetic separator 220 units/month 300 units/month

Advantages of Working with us

  1. Superior Products

The products developed at JXSC, such as mining equipment, shaking table, spiral chute, scrubber stand, etc., have been tested vigorously and developed after extensive research. Our products are used by most of the major mining corporations owing to their quality and reliability.

By catering to the market’s needs by supplying spare parts, plant equipment, etc., we have a diverse experience.

  1. Process flow design included

Process flow design comes included as a part of our service. Design the flowsheet for the customer is mainly because our clients do not have professional mining expertise. Hence, we design the processing plant based on their requirements and customize it accordingly. Our engineers visit the client site and assess before deciding on the process flow, plant location, and project development.

  1. Extensive Lab testing

We carry out extensive testing in the lab of the shaking tables, spiral chute, jig, magnetic separator, centrifuge, etc., to ensure that the operational efficiency is upheld. The results of our sample tests are also shared with our clients for better transparency.

  1. Post-sale support

Our support engineers facilitate the installation, commissioning, and training of the new plants to ensure that the implementation of our product is a success. Also, our services come with a guarantee of one year.

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