Product Introduction
Desliming cone is also know desliming hopper or cone classifier, what is a simple grading, desliming and concentration equipment. It’s common used in mineral processing including gold, cooper, silver, iron, tungsten and so on. In the quartz sand production line, desliming cone is used for the classification and dewatering of quartz sand slurry, and the separation of slime and fine-grained materials to achieve the purpose of purifying quartz sand. The hopper is also used for desliming the raw ore in front of the hydraulic classifier, ore concentration and dehydration in front of the grinding equipment, to control the feeding concentration and ore quantity in front of various slime separation equipment. At the same time, because the cone volume of the hopper is large, it also has the function of ore storage in the production process.

Desliming hopper

According to the different particle sizes of the material, it can be divided into sand deslimer type (separation of ore particles above 0.15 mm) and slurry deslimer type (separation of ore particles below 0.15 mm). At present, the main use is slurry desliming hopper.
Our Desliming Cone
The capacity of our desliming cone is about 4.5-59 m2/t, the main treatable materials are mud, sand, alluvial gold slurry and another kind minerals slurry. The feed particle size is generally less than 2mm and the particle size is 75μM or finer.


Desliming Cone structure


Desliming Cone sepcification

Working Principle
The shape of desliming cone is an inverted cone. A feeding cylinder is set in the center of the liquid level, and the bottom edge of the cylinder is submerged into a certain depth below the liquid level. The pulp is fed into the central cylinder along the tangent direction and flows out from the bottom edge after buffering. The outflow slurry is radial to the surrounding overflow weir. In this process, the coarse particles whose settling velocity is greater than the rising velocity of the liquid flow will settle in the tank and be discharged through the bottom sediment. The fine particles enter into the overflow tank with the surface slurry.

Advantages and Features

No power consumption.
Simple structure and convenient operation.
High efficiency of classifying and dewatering.
Small area occupied.
It is mainly used for desliming of raw ore in front of hydraulic classifier to improve classification efficiency.
It is installed in front of the grinding equipment to concentrate and dehydrate the ore, so as to improve the feeding concentration of the grinding machine.
It is used to control the ore concentration and ore quantity before various slime separation equipment.

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