Product Introduction
Trough feeder is also known as chute feeder. It is a kind of feeding equipment used earlier in ore storage tank discharge. There are many types, and the common point of their structures is that they are all equipped with adjustable ram which can control the height of material layer. The lower part of the feeding trough is a feeding plate which moves back and forth. The difference is that the angle of the feeding plate is different. Generally, the feeding plate is inclined downward by 5 degrees along the discharging direction, or with a larger angle (less than the static stacking angle of the material), or a horizontal type with zero angle.

Trough Feeder

A trough feed is suitable for short distance transportation of metal and nonmetal materials. Trough feeder is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, mining, water conservancy and hydropower engineering departments. It can feed massive and granular materials from the silo to various receiving devices.

If your capacity is less than 40-50tph and the feed medium sized materials (less than 350mm stone), you can use this kind of feeder. Trough feeder is commonly used in small capacity rock ore processing line (rock gold, rock copper, rock tungsten, tin, tantalum, niobium ore, quartz stone) or stone crushing processing line. There is usually a batching hopper bin in the front of the process line, the supporting equipment can be crushers such as jaw,hammer,impact or roll crusher in the back of the process line.

The trough bottom plate of the trough feeder is reciprocating, and its impact times are 20-60 times / min and the stroke is 20-200mm. The most commonly used model of our chute feeders is 980 * 1240, whose max feeding particle size is 350mm. This model feeder is suitable for the feeding equipment of 400 * 600 jaw crusher.

Trough feeder mainly has these parts: pulley, connecting rod, push-puller, motor, frame for driving part, chute body, stand, removable bottom and so on.

Trough Feeder


Trough Feeder specification

Working Principle
The trough feeder equipment is generally installed at the lower part of the discharge port of the silo. The ore falls into the leakage plate at the bottom of the tank body. The bottom leakage plate is set on the roller, and the leakage plate is connected with the reducer with double outlet shaft through eccentric mechanism, and then connected with the motor through coupling. During the operation, the motor drives the reducer through coupling, and moves in a straight line with the leakage disk between the eccentric plate and the equipment at the bottom of the slot frame and the roller, so as to complete the uniform feeding.

Advantages and Features
Reasonable design;
Low power consumption, energy saving;
Easy adjustment: The flow can be changed and controlled at any time, the operation is convenient, and the feeding amount can be adjusted evenly;
The trough feeder can be erected on the ground or hoisted on the discharge port of the ore bin;
The groove bottom plate moves back and forth, the stroke can be adjusted by the eccentric wheel of the driving device, and the eccentricity is half of the stroke;
For viscous ore, the eccentricity should not be less than 30 mm;
The width of the trough feeder is about 2-2.5 times of the upper limit particle size.

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