Walker mining is one of most professional producer of shaking table in China. We have long history since 1983. As high efficiency gravity separating machine , shaking table is widely used in gold ,tungsten, Tin, chrome concentrating plant over the world . walkermining always improving the design of shaker table .Check the different design as below .

FAQ  For Shaking Table :

  1. What kinds of riffle option for Shaking Table?   a. Fine sand shaking table : #120 and #138  b. Medium sand shaking table :# 88 and #60, Coarse sand shaking table :#44
  2. How thick must the feed ore be?   there is no strict regulation for the feed ore thickness, it depends on process capacity, usually capacity can reach 1-2 TPH.
  3. What are the angles to set the slopes on the table? the angle can be 0-10 degree adjustable, exact angle depends on the material’s best separation effect on table, for example, if the material on table is not easily to be separated out, then can change to a bit bigger slope, but if the material is flowing too fast on table, can change to a smaller slope. All those can be adjustable according to the real conditions.
  4. What the concentrate consistency must be?   there is no strict regulation for this, depends on your ore condition and your requirements. The launder area of concentrate , middling and tailing on table can be adjustable according to ore conditions. As below picture for reference:
  5. How much water per hour the table needs.  Usually the feeding material density is 25-30%, we assume you do 30% density, and capacity is 1 TPH ( means feeding solid material 1tph capacity), then can calculate out need 2.4 TPH water.
    except water in feeding material, also need to feed water from the water feeding chute which is beside the ore feeding chute. Need to install a faucet above the water feeding chute to feed water to table, can adjust the water flow from faucet, as long as the whole table surface has water flowing, that is okay.

Notes For Installation& Use  For  Shaking Table 

shaker table component

1. Installation : need to make Concrete foundation for fixing the feet of frame, put steel plates on the concrete foundation, then weld the frame on the steel plates
2. Lubricating oil : need add Lubricating oil inside transmission box, add half height of the box is enough, #32 or #64 or #46 Lubricating oil or normal engine oil is ok. Besides,need add oil to 4 oil boxes under table,also add half height of the box.(there are 4 oil boxes under table.If forget to add oil to the four boxes, the
shaker table will be squeaking or creaking like mechanical noise.)
3. Wire Connection : for motor 380V, 50HZ, 3phase, the 3pcs wire can connect on motor directly, but make sure the belt pulley on shaking table is Turning Clockwise, if it is Turning counterclockwise, then need to change any two pcs wire connection, till it to be Turning Clockwise.

4.Water pipe connection : one inch PVC or iron pipe connection above the white feeding chute , and fixing control vale to control water feeding amount. Can be similar as below picture :

water pipe of shaker table

5. Water feeding Amount: depends on material is dry or slurry , if dry material, need to feed more water, total water consumption need about 0.5-1TPH, exact depends on material density and size.
6. The pendulum block that under table should be fixed in the middle of the box , Try to be perpendicular to the table. If not in the middle, can adjust the pull rod slightly to adjust table and pendulum block in middle of box and vertical direction.

7. after assemble and fixing well the table. at beginning , do not start electricity for motor, rotary the big belt pulley by hand , the pulley rotary toward to the table direc tion , in this way , start the machine soft , and check if the oil pump in gearbox will release oil, if yes, then means gear box works well. and listen to the shaking table parts if have big noise, if has, means somewhere connection is not correct. if do n ot have big noise, means the parts connection is good.
8. Separation Effect on table : after empty testing machine running, if everything is ok, then test machine with material, firstly feeding some material for testing separation effect, the best separation effect on table is you can see the heavy minerals or gold can be separated clearly and easily on table concentrate area. If material are mixed together not separated clearly on table, means the water is not enough, need to add more water. If the material all go to middling and tailing, meas the water is too much , need reduce water. The material and water feeding amount can be adjustable freely according to real conditions and separation effect on table. Below pictures shows three zones:tailing, middling and concentrate are on table: (More heavy materials on concentrate zone; a bit heavy materials on middling zone; light materials on tailing zone) Like picture show as below:

concentrate of shaker table

9. If material are mixed together not separated easily, how should we proceed with the adjustment? If the ore zone is not obvious, slowly increase the water ,at the same time adjust the inclination of the table. The inclination should be adjusted little by little, not too large , The inclination of the table can be adjusted to two or three degrees.

10. How to adjust the inclination of the table? Adjust the inclination by adjusting the 2 handwheels on the support frame, handwheels picture as below:

How to adjust the inclination of the table

11. Oil pump does not pump out oil maybe has two reasons: 1) . there still has air in the oil tube, can try to take off the tube outside gear box, and inject some oil, then connect tube back on gearbox.then test to see if can p ump out oil 2) .Crankshaft oil seal  in gear box is not fixed well during to long tra nsportation, this item as below picture:

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