This is a complete set of 20tph rock gold processing plants we designed and provided to DRC customers. The whole set plant is consisting of raw ore bin, chute feeder, rough jaw crusher, belt conveyor, fine jaw crusher, vibrating feeder, flat belt with the distributor, wet pan mill, centrifugal concentrator, shaking table, sluice box, and gold smelting furnace.

Customer’s rock gold mine information:

  1. Rock gold mine location: DRC
  2. The maximum feeding size of raw ore is 300mm
  3. Rock ore needs to be milled to below 1mm for releasing inside fine powder gold
  4. Processing capacity is 20 tons per hour

FAQ during communication:

  1. Ask: Can you supply an air compressor and jackhammer?

Answer: Yes we can supply an air compressor and jackhammer for your 20tph rock gold project.

  1. Ask: the plant has a capacity to process up to 15t/hr depending on the hardness of the ore, it is hard to reach 20t/h capacity.

Answer: the plant absolutely can reach 20 t/h capacity, if you worry about the wet pan mill capacity, you can add one more set.

  1. Ask: Without fine or rough ore bins/stockpiles the system should have spares on-site in the crushing section & milling section as breakdowns are common in these areas in the flow diagram.

Answer: we can provide a full set of spare parts for this 20t/h rock gold plant, later will add all necessary spare parts on the invoice.

Processing flowchart as below:

DR Congo gold processing plant design

  1. Loader or excavator feeds raw ore into raw ore bin, through chute feeder to feed rough jaw crusher. Here rough jaw crusher can crush a maximum of 340mm rock to medium size of 40-100mm.
  2. The output of the rough jaw crusher through the 1# belt conveyor goes to the fine jaw crusher for further crushing to 25-60mm.
  3. The output of the fine jaw crusher through the 2# belt conveyor goes to the vibrating screen for sieving out +25mm and -25mm. Here vibrating screen is with 25mm mesh size, one layer screen.
  4. Over 25mm materials are back to fine jaw crusher for reprocessing via 3# belt conveyor.
  5. Less than 25mm materials through 4# belt conveyor go-to flat belt conveyor. Here flat belt is with 7 distributors, so it can divide into 8 dischargings, each discharging go to each hopper, through an electromagnetic vibrating feeder to feed each wet pan mill. (here wet pan mill can grind the ore to below 1mm powder)
  6. The output of each wet pan mill flows to a common collection chute and then to a slurry tank.
  7. Use a slurry pump to send the slurry to a distribution tank, then split it into each centrifugal concentrator through guiding pipes. Here centrifugal concentrator can effectively extract the fine gold concentrate.
  8. The tailing of each centrifugal concentrator goes to each sluice box for further recovering tailing gold.
  9. The concentrate of each centrifugal concentrator goes to each shaking table for fine separation aimed to increase gold content.
  10. All gold concentrates from two shaking tables go-to gold smelting furnace for purification.

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