Vibrating Screen is primarily applied in coal, metallurgical, power generation, building material, water conservancy, light and chemical industries and other industries and a highly efficient screening machine to classify coal, ore, coke and other bulk materials.

Product Introduction
Vibrating screen is also known as circular vibrating screen, what is a classic, universal and standardized screening equipment. The moving track of the screen box is round, that is the material moves round (oval) on the screen. The screen surface of vibrating screen has single-layer and multi-layer structure, which can be used in mineral processing, building materials, electric power, light industry and chemical industry. The circular vibrating screen is mainly for dry classification of granular and small bulk materials.

Vibrating Screen

Our vibrating screen can make single, double, three and four layers and the screening effect of 2-layer screen is the best. Our screen has higher screening efficiency and productivity because of the strong vibration of the screen box reduce the material blocking the screen holes. Meanwhile our vibrating screen is with simply structure and it’s convenient to remove and replace the screen surface. It also has the feature of less power consumption of per ton of material. So our vibrating screen has a considerable market share.

The vibrating screen is mainly composed of screen body, screen box, vibrator, screen, transmission device, support or suspension device, base, etc.

Screen Box
The screen box is composed of screen frame, screen surface and pressing device. The screen frame is composed of side plates and cross beams. The screen frame must be rigid enough.
There are generally two kinds of vibrators for single shaft and double shaft vibrating screen according to eccentric reconfiguration Type. The configuration of eccentric weight is block eccentric.
Support Device
There are two kinds of support devices of vibrating screen: hanging type and seat type. The seat type installation is relatively simple, and the installation height is low, generally it should be preferred. The support device of vibrating screen is mainly composed of elastic elements, commonly used are coil spring, plate spring and rubber spring.
Transmission Device
The vibrating screen usually adopts triangle belt transmission device. The structure of the vibrating screen is simple, and the rotation number of the vibrator can be selected arbitrarily. However, the belt is easy to slip during operation, which may cause the screen hole to be blocked. The vibrating screen is also directly driven by coupling. The coupling can keep the steady revolution of the vibrator and has a long service life, but it is difficult to adjust the revolution of the vibrator.

Vibrating Screen structure


Vibrating Screen models

Working Principle
Screening is a process in which the groups of different particle sizes pass through a single or multi-layer screen with uniform holes for many times and are divided into several different levels. The particles larger than the sieve hole remain on the sieve surface, which is called the material on the sieve surface, while the particles smaller than the sieve hole pass through the sieve hole, which is called the material under the sieve surface. The principle is as below:

The vibration exciter is installed on the side plate of the screen box. The motor drives it to rotate through the tire coupling, so that the eccentric block generates centrifugal inertia force. It will force the screen box to produce periodic reciprocating vibration, and its motion track is similar to a circle.

When the screened material enters the screen surface, the material layer on the screen surface is loose and jumps away from the screen surface due to the vibration of the screen surface. So the originally disordered particle groups are separated, forming the arrangement rules of small particles at the bottom and large particles at the top. Small particles can fall through the material layer, while large particles cannot. Finally, the coarse and fine particles are separated and sieved.

At the same time, the particles stuck in the screen hole will be vibrated out to ensure that the screen hole will not be blocked.

Vibrating Screen principle

Advantages and Features
The circular vibrating screen adopts a side vibration type eccentric block vibration exciter. The exciter adopts a block eccentric form, which not only increases the single excitation force of the eccentric mass of the exciter, but also the excitation force can be adjusted randomly. It is convenient for modular design and use.
The screen structure is diverse. There are manganese steel wire weaving, slotted screen, polyurethane square hole and polyurethane weaving.
The eccentric block adjusts the amplitude, the material sieving line is long, and the sieving specification is more.
Reliable structure, strong excitation force, high screening efficiency, low vibration and noise, sturdiness and durability, convenient maintenance.
Equipment maintenance is simple and convenient, and the operating efficiency of the whole machine is obviously improved.
l It adopts flexible connection such as cross shaft universal drive shaft or rubber coupling, so it runs smoothly.
The structure of the screen machine tends to be simplified, which is beneficial to improve the manufacturing process level and assembly accuracy of the equipment.
Higher screening efficiency, larger processing capacity, longer service cycle and longer service life of the whole machine.
It affects less to work environment, and continued safety.
Single or multi deck screen

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