linear vibrating feeder is characterized by stable vibration, reliable operation, long service life, etc. It is capable of feeding crushers in an uninterrupted and even way and coarsely sieving materials. Such linear vibrating feeders are widely used in crushing and screening equipment in ore-dressing, building materials, silicate and chemical industry.

Product Introduction
Disk feeder is also called disc feeder, which is a traditional continuous feeding equipment for powder material. And it is a kind of medium and fine-grained material feeding equipment, which is widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal carbon, building materials, chemical industry and other departments.

The main function of a disk feeder is to provide material supply for other equipment, the use of disc feeder can let the material evenly into a device, so that the next process can work normally. It can save labor,protect the performance of the equipment, extend the service life of the whole production line equipment.So Disk feeder is an indispensable product of mineral processing equipment.

Disk Feeder

Our disk feeder has a simple and compact structure. The capacity is about 1-90 TPH, and the max feed size is 80mm. If you choose our disk feeder, you will be not worried about the wear of lining plate because our feeder use lattice fan plate. The main drive is driven by internal meshing wheel and lubricated with oil. The main reducer is lubricated by its own internal circulation device. The opening degree of the gate does not need to be adjusted manually. Instead the speed regulating motor is used to control the speed of the disc to complete the automatic adjustment of the output.

Disk feeder consists of driving device, feeder frame, material belt conveyor and metering device. The feeder and belt conveyor are driven by a set of driving device. The electromagnetic clutch of the driving device can realize the start, stop and function conversion of the feeder. It can feed the materials to the next process evenly and continuously. It is suitable for feeding all kinds of non viscous materials, but not suitable for powder materials with good flow performance. Disk feeder is driven by AC motor, which mainly consists of liquid level control mechanism and liquid quantitative mechanism. The liquid level control mechanism controls the range of liquid level in the tank. In the liquid quantitative mechanism, several fixed liquid hoppers on the disc scoop liquid from the lower part of the tank one by one with the rotation of the disc. At the same time, they are rotated to the higher part one by one to pour the liquid into the receiving disc, and then flow out through the liquid outlet to realize quantitative feeding.


disk feeder

Working Principle
Bulky materials entering into the cylinder from the hopper. The motor drives the disc through the coupling and reducer. When the disc rotates, the material in the silo moves with the disc and moves to the side of the discharge port, and the material is discharged through the gate or scraper. The size of the discharge can be adjusted by a scraper device or a gate.

Disc feeder sleeves generally have two types: snail type or straight barrel type. The snail type sleeve adopts gate discharge, which has uniform and accurate feeding, and is suitable for solvents, anti-mineral powder and other ingredients. Straight-tube sleeve uses scraper for discharging, the material blocking phenomenon is lighter than snail-type sleeve, but the amount of feeding fluctuates greatly. When the amount of concentrate powder and active powder ore is large, it is advisable to use a sleeve with a movable scraper. Conversely, if the amount of flux or fuel is small, a gate-type sleeve should be used.

disk feeder working pricinple

Advantages and Features
Simple structure, reliable operation.
Convenient adjustment and installation.
Full load and overload protection. It installs the finite moment hydraulic coupling.
Light weight, small volume.
Long life, easy to maintenance.
Large bearing capacity and high transmission efficiency. Adopt the advanced design of plane double enveloping torus mule pole reducer.
The seam between the side lining plate, inclined lining plate and the bottom plate can be adjusted, which can control the seam size accurately and greatly reduce the leakage.
The driving device is symmetrically arranged, and double push rods are adopted to make the whole machine have balanced force and stable transmission, and eliminate the torsion and swing phenomenon when the bottom plate reciprocates.
The bottom plate has vertical rib plate and is supported by three full-length idlers, which ensures the rigidity of the bottom plate itself and eliminates the disadvantage of bending deformation in the work of the existing reciprocating feeder bottom plate.
The lining plate is made of small pieces of wear-resistant steel plate, which is not only light and easy to replace, but also can replace the worn lining plate according to the actual wear situation, so as to make rational use of materials and reduce maintenance costs.

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