Rod mill can be widely used in industries such as such as nonferrous metal, ferrous metal, and non-metallic minerals as well as chemicals and building materials to grind materials.

Product Introduction
Rod Mill is one kind of grinding machine and also called rod grinding mill, which is named after the grinding media – steel rod. It can be used as primary open-circuit grinding machine and widely used grinding machine to grind all kinds of ore and rocks in metal and nonmetal mining, building materials, water conservation, sand making industry and so on.

rod mill

Types of Rod Mills
Rod mills can be divided into wet type rod mill and dry type rod mill.
According the discharge methods, rod mill can be divided into center and side discharge rod mill, shaft neck overflow discharge rod mill and end and side discharge rod mill.

Center and Side Discharge Rod Mill
The feed ports of center and side discharge rod mill are the shaft necks in the two ends. And the discharge port is in the center of the cylinder. Because of this structure, it can grind ores coarsely.
Center and side discharge rod mill can be used for wet and dry grinding. It’s recommended for grinding large grains since it performance better than ball mill to grind large grains.

Shaft Neck Overflow Discharge Rod Mill
Just like its name, it’s not hard to understand one of the shaft necks is fed, and the other is discharged. It also can be used for dry and wet grinding.

End and Side Discharge Rod Mill
Feeding material through one end of the shaft neck, the ore pulp is discharged to the next ring groove with several circular holes’ help. If medium-sized products is required, the rod mill would be the preference.

Our rod mill can be either wet or dry designs, you can choose the right one according your requirements. JXSC Machine uses advance technology to manufacture the rod mill. So our rod mills are greatest efficiency, easy to operate, effective and energy saving. They are popular in the mining industry.

The rod mill is composed by the feeding part, feeder part, discharging part, cylinder part, main bearing part and driving part.

rod mill structure

Working Principle
When rod mill works, the elector motor accords reduction gears and peripheral rack wheel reducer transmission to drive the cylinder to rotate, or low speed synchronous motor accords the peripheral rack wheel reducer transmission to drive the cylinder to rotate. The cylinder drives the movement of the grinding media – steel rod, what is inside the cylinder. Under the eccentric force and frictional force, the grinding media are lifted to a certain height and then dropping. The grinding media rolls the ore continuously in the cylinder, the material is impacted and ground to required size under the force. Thus to realize the operation of mineral grinding.

rod milll principle

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