Sand washing machine adopts the technology in the world with high energy sowing. It has such features ad reasonable structure, large capacity, high washing degree, less loss of medium and dine sand , less breakdown and less wear with driving part separated from water and sand. Its breakdown rate is much lower than spiral sand washer. This machine has become customers’ priority to choose in the a sand industry domestic and abroad.

Product Introduction
Sand washing machine is also called sand washer or wheel sand washer, which is widely used in the cleaning, grading, impurity removal and other operations in metallurgy, building materials, hydropower and other industries. Sand washer is suitable for the washing of fine and coarse-grained materials, especially suitable for building sand and road building sand. The machine has reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, large processing capacity, small power consumption and high washing cleanliness.

Wheel sand washing machine through the drive of motor and reducer, the impeller in the water tank is driven to rotate in a circle continuously in the water tank. Then the sand or slag particles in the water tank are stirred, overturned and washed in the water, and the water receiving materials are discharged after dehydration in the impeller.

Sand Washing Machine

Our sand washing machine adopts advanced technology, combined with the actual situation of sand and stone industry at home and abroad to develop efficient sand washing equipment. It has high cleaning rate, reasonable structure, large capacitor, less sand loss in sand washing process, and low failure rate because of our transmission part is isolated from water and sand. Our sand washer becomes one of the best choice in many washing machine manufactures.

The new sealing structure, fully enclosed oil bath transmission device and adjustable overflow weir plate ensure the high efficiency and durability of our products, good cleaning and dehydration effect,stable fine-grained products.We use special manufacturing materials, which can resist wear and corrosion, make it operate normally in any harsh environment, and greatly prolong its service life. In addition, the energy saving effect of our sand washing machine is also very significant.

Wheel sand washing machine is mainly composite of gear, belt pulley, reducer, impeller, motor, bracket, sedimentation tank, etc.

Sand Washing Machine Structure


Sand Washing Machine parameter

Working Principle

When the wheel sand washer is working, the motor drives the impeller to rotate slowly after the motor decelerates through the triangle belt, reducer and gear. The sand and gravel have a feeding groove to enter the washing groove, roll under the driving of the impeller, and grind each other to remove the impurities covering the surface of the sand and gravel. Meanwhile it destroys the water vapor layer covering the sand particles, so as to facilitate dehydration. Water is added at the same time,it will form a strong water flow to take away impurities and foreign matters with small specific gravity in time, and discharge them from the overflow outlet washing tank to complete the cleaning function. Clean sand and gravel are taken away by the vane.When it goes up slowly, the water begins to drop through the mesh and fall back in the washing launder.This makes the sand and gravel cleaning up and  achieving the purpose of dewatering. The water can be recycled that greatly reducing water energy consumption. Through these processes, the washing function is finished.

Advantages and Features

  • Simple structure and stable operation.
  • Separate the bearing from water and materials to avoid premature damage caused by pollution and rust.
  • Suitable for all kinds of working environment.
  • Big capacity and high cleanliness. The washing material has less loss and high washing efficiency, which can fully meet the requirements of high-grade materials.
  • It has a long service life and almost no wearing parts.
  • Low failure rate and cost can be greatly reduced.In rare cases, maintenance is needed.
  • Low water consumption, low volume, and low investment.
  • Most of the water for recycling.

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