Spring cone crushers are cone crushers developed by our factory after many years of technology development and through advanced crushing technology introduced from the United States . Such cone crushers are of domestic advanced level and can completely substitute the imported ones. They are widely used in mining, metallurgy, building, chemicals, and building material industries and apply to the crushing of ores and rocks of high and medium hardness such as iron ores, nonferrous metal ores, and limestone

Cone crushers can be found in a lot of industries that revolve around quarrying, mining and recycling. They are used as primary, secondary and tertiary crushers. And they reduce the size of materials into a cubical end product which each of these industries require use of. A cone crusher is especially designed for the hardest materials including river gravel, granite, basalt, iron, magnesite, chrome, copper and so on. Our cone crushers provide the strength and stability necessary for crushing extra-hard materials by their high-grade cast steel body and robust design. At the same time, our cone crushers ensure a low maintenance cost.

Types of Our Cone Crushers

There are 3 main types of cone crushers in our product line. Composite cone crusher(DN Serials), Single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher(DP Serials) and Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher(HP Serials).

DN Serial Cone Crusher

Product Introduction

DN serial(composite) cone crusher is a high-performance cone crusher designed by advanced technology and according to the market demand. It is a comprehensive cone crusher with spring and hydraulic cylinder in the cone crusher. It’s mainly used at sand and gravel quarry, mining, coal mining, concrete mixing station and highway construction, water conservancy engineering, building gravel, sand making, etc. It is suitable for crushing various ores and rocks with medium and above medium hardness, such as: river pebble, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, diabase, gold, copper, etc.

Composite cone crusher

The compound cone crusher(DN Serial) has 4 kinds of crushing cavities to choose. They are coarse, medium, fine and superfine. The composite cone crusher enhances the lamination crushing effect between the material particles (the bulk material will be broken along the cracks or crystal defects of the rock and other stress concentration places), so that the three-dimensional shape of the material after crushing is more beautiful.

DN Serial cone crushers are mainly composed of main frame, fixed cone assembly, moving cone assembly, spring mechanism, bowl type shaft frame, transmission and other parts. The auxiliary part is composed of electrical system, thin oil lubrication system and hydraulic cavity cleaning system.

Composite cone crusher structure


Composite cone crusher model

Working Principle
When the compound cone crusher works, the motor drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate through the V-belt, large pulley, transmission shaft, small bevel gear and large bevel gear. The axis line of the crushing cone rotates and swings under the force of the eccentric sleeve. The surface of the crushing wall sometimes approaches and sometimes leaves the surface of the rolling mortar wall, thus the material is broken by impact, extrusion and bending in the annular crushing cavity composed of fixed cone and moving cone. After repeated extrusion, impact and bending, the material is crushed to the required size and discharged through the lower part.

Advantages and Features
1.High reliability and good stability.
2.It is easy to maintain and operate.
3.Low operating cost, wide range of applications.
4.It is laminated and broken, and the discharging particle shape is good.
5.High crushing ratio, high efficiency and energy saving, many crushing cavities, convenient cavity cleaning and solid structure.
6.It can quickly adjust the size of crushing discharge particle size by regulator.
7.With complete lubrication system, it will automatically shut down when the temperature is too high or the flow rate is too slow.
8.The internal structure has good sealing performance, which can effectively protect the equipment from dust and other small particles.

DP Serials Cone Crusher
Product Introduction
Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher(DP Serials) can be widely used in various black, non-ferrous, non-metallic mines, sand and stone and other industrial fields. It is suitable for crushing raw materials in metallurgy, construction, road construction, chemistry and silicate industries. It can crush all kinds of ores and rocks with medium hardness or above. The hydraulic cone has the advantages of large crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption and uniform particle size.

Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

The hydraulic cone is broken through a single hydraulic cylinder to lift the moving cone, which realizes the functions of ore discharge port adjustment, cavity cleaning, iron passing and overload protection. The electronic intelligent control system of ore discharge port is configured to realize more functions of production process control and operation optimization.


Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher structure


Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher 1

Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher 2

Working Principle
The motor drives the small gear of the crusher, the small gear drives the big gear, the big gear assembly (big gear, big gear frame, eccentric steel sleeve) drives the eccentric sleeve assembly (eccentric cylinder liner, eccentric copper sleeve) and the spindle assembly (spindle, inner cone, inner cone liner plate) revolve in the copper bushing with the theoretical vertical line as the center. The spindle assembly can realize self rotation with the center line of the spindle in the eccentric copper sleeve. When the machine runs empty, the eccentric sleeve assembly “holds” the spindle assembly and rotates with the big gear. When the material is added to the crushing chamber, the spindle assembly (spindle and inner cone) rotates slowly in the eccentric copper sleeve under the resistance of the material. The trajectory of the inner cone seems to swing back and forth in the crushing chamber, and rotate slowly at the same time. The material is crushed by the swinging inner cone. The joint between the support sleeve and the frame body is compressed by the hydraulic cylinder. When the metal block and other non breakable objects fall into the crusher, the moving cone of the single cylinder is supported by the hydraulic piston at the bottom, which plays the role of adjusting the discharge port, protecting the iron, repeatedly lifting and falling to eliminate the ore blockage.

Advantages and Features
1.High efficiency: the upper and lower ends of the main shaft of the hydraulic cone crusher are supported, which can bear greater crushing force and greater stroke. In addition, the special crushing cavity shape adapted to the lamination principle makes the crusher have higher crushing efficiency.
2.Large production capacity: the hydraulic cone crusher perfectly combines the crushing stroke, crushing speed and crushing cavity shape, so that the output of the hydraulic cone crusher is 35% ~ 60% higher than that of the old spring cone crusher when the diameter of the big end of the moving cone is the same.
3.High quality stones: the hydraulic cone crusher adopts the unique crushing cavity shape and the principle of laminated crushing to produce the crushing effect between particles, so that the proportion of cube in the finished product is significantly increased, the number of needle flake stones is reduced, and the particle size is more uniform.
4.The medium and fine crushing of various cavity shapes can be realized only by replacing the fixed cone.
5.The hydraulic and lubrication system with double safety control can ensure the overload protection and good bearing lubrication of the machine.
6.Easy maintenance: cone crusher structure is simple and compact, stable performance, not easy to failure. The maintenance is convenient and fast.

HP Serials Cone Crusher
Product Introduction
Multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher(HP Serial) is developed on the basis of spring safety cone crusher. It has the ability of hydraulic adjustment and stronger elastic recovery. At the same time, it is also designed with more comprehensive safety measures. It is within advanced technology, numerical control operation, more wear and less damage and service life increased by 30% – 50%. The finished product has good grain shape and less dust.

Multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

HP serials cone crushers are suitable for coal mining, power plant, metal mine, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, construction industry, cement industry and sand industry. They are widely used in medium crushing, fine crushing and ultra fine crushing of medium hard and hard rocks such as granite and basalt. They are preferred in crushing production line with strict requirements on product shape, high yield and high degree of automation.

The main parts of HP serials cone crusher are frame, transmission part, eccentric sleeve, bowl bearing frame, crushing cone, support sleeve, adjusting sleeve, safety cylinder, lubricating hydraulic part, electric control part, etc.

Multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher structure


Multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher models

Working Principle
When the multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher works, the motor drives the transmission shaft of the equipment to rotate through the belt pulley and V-belt. The transmission shaft drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate around the main shaft through the big and small bevel gears, and the eccentric sleeve drives the moving cone to swing. So the moving cone and the fixed cone are sometimes close to and sometimes far away from the rolling mortar wall. The materials are constantly crushed and impacted in the crushing cavity formed by the rolling mortar wall and the crushing wall. Final the crushed material is discharged from the bottom.

Advantages and Features

1.The raw materials with high wear resistance and strong compression resistance are selected, so the loss and failure rate of the whole machine are low and the service life of the whole machine is greatly improved.
2.The ideal crushing frequency and eccentricity are used to make the content of fine particles in the crushed products higher, which is smaller than that of the closed side discharge port. The content can reach 80% of the closed side treatment capacity of the size.
3.The combination of high-performance crushing cavity and high crushing frequency greatly improves the processing capacity of the machine. Because of the use of the principle of laminated crushing, the needle and flake shape of the crushed products is greatly reduced.
4.The control adopts full hydraulic operation, so it is easy to use. It has strong iron passing ability and it’s easy to realize automation.
5.The matching lubrication station and hydraulic station are controlled by PLC to control the oil temperature, oil pressure, discharge port adjustment, cavity cleaning, etc. The crusher can also be automatically controlled by computer according to the needs of users, which may be controlled remotely.