drum vacuum filter is widely used in ore-processing, metallurgical industry, chemical plant, paper industry and etc, for dewatering floatation concentrates of non ferrous metals (such as copper, zinc, lead, nickel and etc,) and concentrates of non metal (such as sulphur, phosphorus, talcum, fluorite, coal and etc,) and can also be used for separating liquid and soild in suspensoids which are not easy to be setted down.

In order to choose the most suitable vacuum filter for you, we need to know the following information
1. what is output production capacity required for the filter ?  The filter processing capacity is measured  on output production capacity .
2. what mineral to process by the filter ?is it gold ? What is the particle size of the minerals ?
3. is the vacuum filter used to filter concentrate or tailing ?
4. What is the  density of slurry ?
5. What is moisture content required after the filter ?