drum vacuum filter is widely used in ore-processing, metallurgical industry, chemical plant, paper industry and etc, for dewatering floatation concentrates of non ferrous metals (such as copper, zinc, lead, nickel and etc,) and concentrates of non metal (such as sulphur, phosphorus, talcum, fluorite, coal and etc,) and can also be used for separating liquid and soild in suspensoids which are not easy to be setted down.

In order to choose the most suitable vacuum filter for you, we need to know the following information
1. what is output production capacity required for the filter ?  The filter processing capacity is measured  on output production capacity .
2. what mineral to process by the filter ?is it gold ? What is the particle size of the minerals ?
3. is the vacuum filter used to filter concentrate or tailing ?
4. What is the  density of slurry ?
5. What is moisture content required after the filter ?

Product Introduction
Disc vacuum filter is a kind of solid-liquid separation equipment, which uses vacuum as filtration power to make slurry solid-liquid separation. The machine adopts advanced technologies such as filter disc guide frame guide, variable speed mixing, reverse blow discharging, automatic centralized lubrication, etc. It is a kind of dehydration equipment with excellent performance and reliable operation. This equipment is a new type of filter specially designed for dewatering of iron concentrate and nonferrous metal concentrate. It is also suitable for coal washing and beneficiation, non-metallic ore, chemical industry and environmental protection.

The best working conditions of disc vacuum filter is the particle size of solids in pulp ranges from – 100 mesh to – 400 mesh; The pulp temperature is 10 ℃ – 50 ℃, non corrosive; The optimum slurry concentration is 35% – 65% (metal mineral) or 20% – 40% (coal or other light materials).

Disc vacuum filter

Our disc vacuum filter has the features of large filtering area, large capacity, full dehydration, etc.,The metal mining disk vacuum filter fully draws lessons from the advantages of similar products at home and abroad. In view of the characteristics of high density of metal minerals, fast settlement and strong impact of solid particles on filtrate pipe,we have carried out the overall performance and reliable optimization design among the components. Meanwhile ensure the excellent dehydration index of metal minerals in solid-liquid separation. The main technical indexes and performance of our products have been proved to be up to the advanced product level at home and abroad.

A widely use type of our filter is ceramic vacuum filter. It uses rigid microporous material as filter element and it includes ceramic, corundum, silicon carbide, sand chip and a series of filters.It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, good heat resistance and so on.It plays an important role in the solid-liquid separation.

The ceramic vacuum filter consists of filtrate tank, distributing head, ceramic filter plate, blender, slurry tank, vacuum pump, fitrate pump, the chariot gas plate, scraperblade, etc.

Disc vacuum filter structure


Disc vacuum filter model

Working Principle
The disc vacuum filter is composed of discs with individual sector plates. Each fan-shaped piece is a separate filter unit. A filter chamber is made of filter cloth and covered on the fan-shaped piece. The filter disc is driven by the motor through the reducer and open gear drive. The filter disc rotates clockwise. The pulp in the filter chamber adheres to the filter disc in the adsorption area with the help of the pressure difference formed by the vacuum pump on both sides of the filter medium. After the filter cake is formed, the agitator rotates to prevent solid precipitation. After the filter cake leaves the liquid level, it continues to dehydrate under the action of vacuum. The filtrate passes through the filter cloth and the filtrate pipe, then it is discharged from the distribution head. The filter cake is discharged by reverse blow in the discharge area and falls into the discharge tank, and the whole operation process is continuous circulation.

Advantages and Features
Simple,stable, reliable and continuous operation.
High equipment utilization, high vacuum degree, good drying performance of filter cake, high productivity and high solid recovery.
Excellent performance, compact structure.
Low installation cost and convenient maintenance.
Energy saving, low operating cost.Compared with the traditional filter equipment, the energy consumption is reduced by more than 80%.
The filter cloth automatic cleaning device keeps its good dehydration effect.
The filtrate is clear and transparent, the working environment is clean and pollution-free.
The fan-shaped filter plate is made of high-strength engineering plastics, and its service life is increased by 1-1.5 times.
Multi point dry oil pump centralized multi-point automatic lubrication.
Offer high vacuum and filtration rates. The flange is removed from the interface between filtrate pipe and filter fan, and the mould is used for positioning and direct welding to reduce 90% of possible air leakage points.
Variable drum speed control & continuous adjustable level control
Long server life

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