Product Introduction
Mercury retort is also called mercury distiller, mercury steamer, gold mercury amalgam retort, or gold mercury amalgam machine. It is commonly and widely used on amalgam distillation equipment for small and medium sized mines to select gold. It has the characteristics such as portable appearance, small volume, simple operation, high efficiency and the special water cooling device to ensure the mercury is completely liquefied. So it’s a very ideal device for the last step to separate pure gold from mercury.

gold retort


Mercury Retort specification

Mercury is Toxic
Mercury is toxic and it’s harmful for human body and the environment. If the environment is contaminated by mercury , it will affect the health of human. Such as damage to the respiratory system, central and peripheral nervous systems, kidneys and so on. It is especially dangerous for unborn babies and children because their brain and nervous system are still developing. Babies and children are very vulnerable to damage from mercury, which can be permanent.

Precautions for The Use of Mercury
1. Suggest using a retort outdoors to avoid vapours depositing on indoor surfaces. If you used it inside a retorting centre, note the time you spend inside and leave the inside in time.
2. Please use the retort far away and downwind from the villages or residences.
3. Make sure the retort is stored in a dedicated place – outside the house, and away from women and children.
4. Women and children MUST NOT to use the mercury retort.
5. The retort can’t be opened before it is completely cool to the touch, otherwise the mercury vapour will escape.

Working Principle
The distiller is mainly used to separate materials with different boiling points and purify materials. Because of the mercury gasification temperature is below the melting point and boiling point of gold, so this method can be used to separate the gold from amalgam mercury. This is how mercury retort separate. The steps is as first place the amalgam in the retort and heat the amalgam. Then the mercury will be turned into vapours. The retort cools and condenses the vapour into liquid mercury. Later the liquid mecury drips down and mercury can then be recovered.

Mercury Retort structure

Advantages and Features
Low price
Small volume, very easy to carry and remove
High efficient & simple operation
Hg recycle use
The unique water cooling device to ensure mercury liquefied completely with compact design.
The emptying device avoids the residual mercury vapor to the harm of human body after the end of distillation.

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