Below are the details of the customer’s gold mine project
Alluvial gold with much sticky clay
Raw materials mix big stones, 150-250mm
Gold size range 0-12mm
Process capacity 200tons per hour

gold ore picture gold ore picutre1

The flowchart designed based on the gold mine details

Flowsheet of Gold ore Processing Plant

200TPH Clay Alluvial Gold Wash Plant Main machines as below
vibration feeder
Trommel drum
High-frequency vibration screen
Gold sluice box
Belt conveyor

Brief introduction for the flowchart

the materials will lead to the vibration feeder by truck or excavator as the customer wants, then feeder to the trommel scrubber to wash the sticky clay, output from the trommel scrubber will to the high-frequency vibration screen to separate the gold size 0-6mm and 6-12mm to the gold sluice box to get the gold concentrate, big waste stones +12mm will transport by the belt conveyor.

FAQ about the gold processing flowsheet
how to remove the sticky clay in the raw materials?
Answer: the trommel scrubber is used for washing the sticky clay, when it works, will continue rotary with water, the sticky clay will hit and spread in the water.

Rotary scrubber PU screen Rotary Scrubber Structures 1

There are two types of lining of the trommel scrubber
Rubber lining: easy to change and install, can be used for 1-2years

Rotary Scrubber rubber lining

Manganese steel: not convenient to change and install, but much cheaper than the rubber lining,can be used 3-6 months

Drum Scrubber Manganese Steel lining

how to remove the big stones?

Answer: The feeding size of the trommel scrubber is 0-75mm, there have 150-250mm big stones in the raw material, so we add the vibration feeder with the grizzly bar before the trommel scrubber, the sieve of the grizzly bar will be made of 75mm, 0-75mm will to the trommel scrubber, +75mm will to the waste pile.

vibrating feeder vibration feeder

how to get the gold?
Answer: The gold size range is 0-12mm, we add two sets of high-frequency vibration screens after the trommel scrubber, one set for separating the size 0-6mm materials, another set for separating the size 6-12mm materials.

deatering screen 1 dewatering screen 2

The 0-6mm and 6-12mm will to the gold sluice box to get the gold concentrate.
two sets sluice box for each vibration screen, the additional sluice box is for recovering the tailing of the sluice box after the vibration screen.

sluice mat 2 sluice mat

sluice box

how much water will need for the machines?
Answer: the water consumption for the raw materials is 3:1, which means 3m³ water will need for 1ton raw materials. enough water will make sure to clean the sticky clay.

water pump

how do choose suitable generators for the machines?
Answer: add the total power of the machines, then multiply by 1.35, that’s the actual generator will need.

diesel generator