As we know ,Walker Mining Provide two type  6S 4500  Shaking Table . Traditional type and  New type .If  customer have enough Budget , New design shaking table is recommended . In Appearance, Traditional type shaking table is with wooden feeding box and without collecting chute . While New Shaking Table with PP feeding box and with PP collecting chute . The price of New improved Shaking table is 2 times expensive than traditional type .But customer will get what they  pay for . The Configuration of  new design shaking  table is much better than the other type . Please find below the details about the configuration of new type .

1.Table desk

1.Made of emery,epoxy resin and fiberglass fabric. 2.Emery: first-grade,most wear-resisting,can make the table wearproof, long life time. 3. fiberglass fabric: thicken , can support the table more stable and stronger

2.Material& water Feeding chute 

The chute is made of PP material,wearproof. The old material is wooden which is more easy to be broken

3.Collection Chute

The chute is made of PP material,wearproof, can collect the concentrate and middling more conveniently. Old type is iron sheet or without this chute

4.Electric Motor

1.From China famous motor brand: China goeldi co., LTD 2.Also can make SIEMENS brand 3.Can customize motor as per request.

5.Channel Frame

1.#28 big channel frame 2.50cm more height than normal, so can collect the minerals more conveniently


1. from China famous professional bearing manufacturer: HRB POOL 2.Guaranteed quality, long life time

7. Bearing Bush

8. Spring

1.Meet China National Quality Standard 2.Good tenacity,elastic force, not easy to be broken

9.Steel Plate

Steel material,5 mm thick, more thicker than normal(usually 2-4 mm thick)

More information About All kinds of our shaking table ,Please click  the pictures  as below :