gold desorption from activated carbon

gold desorption from activated carbon

Desorption Electrowinning Device Instructions

Introduction of application

The gold desorption  analytic electrowinning device is small-size test equipment suitable for the carbon adsorption of gold extracting process in colleges and research institutes for
teaching and test.

Major parameters

specs of desorption electrowinning system

Structure and process flow

desorption of gold from activated carbon


barren solution reservoir、 pregnant solution reservoir、ram pumps a and b、heater、elution column、filter、cooler、flowmeter、electrolytic bath、electric control cabinet and

Valves: F1、F2、F3、F4、F5、F6、F7、F8、F9

(Sample valve for analytic solution) Q1

(Sample valve for electrolyte) Q2

(Drain valve) P1、P2、P3、P4、P5

(Diversion valve) B1、B2

Process flow

how to recover gold from activated carbon

1. Independent analytic process:(barren solution reservoir)—F1—(ram pump) a—(heater)—(elution column)—Filter

1.1:Filter—F2—(barren solution reservoir)( cycle analytic)

1.2:Filter—F9—(cooler)—F5—pregnant solution reservoir)( prepare to electrolyze)

2. Independent electrowinning process:(pregnant solution reservoir) —F8—(ram pump) b—F7—(cooler)—F6—(flowmeter)—(electrolytic bath)—F4—(pregnant solution reservoir) ( cycle electrowinning)

3. process flow of analytic electrowinning:(barren solution reservoir) —F1—(ram pump) a—(heater)—(elution column)—(filter)—F9—(cooler)—F6—(flowmeter)— (electrolytic bath)—F3—  (barren solution reservoir) (circulate)

—Be fixed well the rubber pipe between the inlet and outlet of cooler at steps 2 and 3 in the process. Turn on the rectifier power.

—Application of standby pump:

Start the plunge pump B as the standby when pump A cannot work with failure. No independent electrolytic process while starting the standby pump.

—Start- steps of standby pump:
(turn off ram pump ) a—(turn off valves) F7、F8—(turn on the diversion valve) B1、B2—(turn on ram pump)

Operation steps and cautions

Steps of operation

1. Check the mechanical electrical and water supply system and keep all valves were a turn-off. the ramp pump speed control knob should be in the “0” position.

2. Poured the configured solution into the reservoir

3. Remove the screws from the top of the elution column with a 24mm-wrench and open the quick-connector to remove the top cover and filter pipe. Fill in the gold-loaded carbon
into column then fixed liter pipe and cover plate.

4. Connect the 380v power to the electric control cabinet. Turn on the air-break switch in the electric control cabinet, then the “power” light is bright. The “working” light is bright when you press the “start” button.

5. Click ”next page”, you can log in to the menu.

6. You can choose a process flow, and turn on the valves with the cue on the screen.

7. If you want to turn on the ram pump, you can click “start ram pump”.

8. You can click “start heater” after the heater is filled with a solution. The heater was automatically stopping when the temperature arrived at presets.

9. You can click “start electrolytic” when the bottom of the plate electrode was drowned by 6 water. Then the “working” light is bright. Put the switch on “steady voltage”, and spin
“work adjustment” knob to the regulation of voltage.

10. Adjust system flow rate by the knob on the ram pump in the test, control the solution cooling temperature by the adjusted the flow rate of cooling water

11. If you want to see the temperature, you can click “temperature”.

12. When the “barren solution” light is bright, it means the barren solution reservoir will soon be empty.

13. When the “Pregnant solution” light is bright, it means the Pregnant solution reservoir will soon be empty.

14. When the alert is beeping:

1) It means the heater is not filled with solution,you can’t start the heater in the
2) The temperature of the heater exceeds 98℃

15. If the ram pump A cannot work with failure, you can click “stop ram pump A” to turn off pump A., and click “standby pump” into the standby pump page. Click “start ram pump B” after altering the valve with the cue on the screen. Then ram pump A was taken the place of ram pump B.

16. Turn off the power when finished test and open cover plate to remove the negative basket, from which take out the steel wool.

17. Open all detrain valves to discharge activated carbon and solution.

1. The system can do analytic and electrolysis independently, also doing both at the same time. All process steps show on the PLC touching screen.

2. The electrical appliance must be fine grounding.

3. No leakage on the liquid pipe and all flow components.

4. Keep voltage on 380v to avoid damage to the electrical components.

5. Please confirm the ram pump motor is working in the right direction.

6. Electrolytic bath voltage range is 0-6v. keep current steady in the range required by the process.

7. Must heat the heater after it is filled with solution. Temperature does not exceed 98℃.

8.No heating-up and electrolysis in the electric control device failure.

9. Take out the positive plate from the electrolytic bath when the power failure in the electrolysis. Continue it when the power supply recovers.

10. Wash positive plates with washing power after finish electrolysis each time.

11. Wash screens in the filter and analytic column every 5 tests.

12. Rotate the knob of the ramp pump smoothly while control its speed, tighten the nut to avoid loose after adjustment.

13. Be in accordance with the process to turn on corresponding valves before starting the ram pump.

14. F5、F6  Regulate flow rate at any time. You can regulate valves F5 and F6 if the flow rate doesn’t steady. The larger scope the longer time the steady flow rate keeps. (Do not turn off F5 and F6 simultaneity). If regulate the flow of flowmeter first to adjust ram pump to the maximum. And then turn the valve 5 and 6 to regulate flow.

15. The ramp pump running temperature should not exceed 65℃. Shut it down immediately when the temperature rises rapidly.

16. Wash the inner residual solution with water in the system after the test in avoids corroding the machine.

17. When the temperature difference is larger appears between the elution column and heater in the temperature heating. It will stop heating at 93℃ and the ram pump still keeps circulation. Open heater to heating when the two parts temperature is near each other. Keep repeating circulation until the temperature of the elution column and heater reach 95℃.

18. While doing the analytical and electrowinning at the same time could control the temperature of the electrolytic bath by adjusting the amount the water into the cooler, its
the temperature must be under 70℃.

19. It has the lowest level sensor on the heater, barren and pregnant reservoir. It will alarm when the heater level is below the set level. The lights will bright when the reservoir level is below the set level.

20. Often check the oil level of ram pump and change 220# worm oil and 50# gear oil.

21. Oil change period form (reference only)

Oil change period form for gold desorption machine