Centrifugal concentrator is used for alluvial gold,rock gold and other mineral concentrating.It is not only instead of mercury but also can concentrate the straight native gold.It’s with the gold recovery for the fine tantalite and tin ore.It’s environmental.The recovery rate for the alluvial gold is more than 99%.Especially in the rock gold concentrating,when the particle of 0.074 mm takes the proportion of 65%,the recovery rate is more than 98%,and the recovery rate for 0.04 mm is more than 97%.The period of the ore discharge is from 1 hour to 4 hours.

Draft of gold centrifugal concentrator :


1.BeltDrive;2.Motore;3.rotary valve;4.Feeding Tue;5.Inner Drum;6.Outer Drum;7.Tailing Ore Tank;8.Concentrated Ore Discharge;9.Hollow Shaft

Working Principle

This equipment is driven by the motor(2),through the belt(1) drive the hollow shaft(9)to make the inner drum(5) working rotary in a high speed.The back wash water will be flowed from the ratory valve(3)to hollow draft(9),then the backwash water will be fed to the outer drum(6)and inner drum(5).(Pressure isunder 0.03—0.06Mpa).The ore will be fed to the inner drum(5) by the feeding tube(4).The ore is under centrifugal fore to separate the material.The ore with heavier density will be stayed in the inner drum(5),the lighter ore will be flowed from the tailing ore tank(7).When the equipment stops,the concentrated ore will be discharged from the concentrated ore discharge(8).

How to operation gold centrifugal step by step

1)Operation of the equipiment Check the motor. Check the footing of the equipment if it’s stable. Check the tightness of the belt.(It will be adjusted in the factory). Check if the Concentrated Ore Discharge is turned off or not.

2)The start of the equipment. After the inspection as aboved,the equipment should be connected with the electric.Jog running of the motor to check if the motor is working in the same direction of thee quipment.

3)Feeding the ore and water for the equipment When the equipment is working smoothly,open the back water valve,at thesame time,feeding the ore slurry(which is compounded with the suitable water and ore as required).

4)Matters need attention As the regular rule of the motor,to check the temperature and currentcarefully.Be carefulof every part of the equipment,when there is anything different,the equipment should be stopped.To get a better recovery rate,so be careful of the proportion of the ore slurry.

5)Shutdown of the equipment. To clean the concentrated ore every cycle.Before the shutdown,it’s forbiddento feed anyore.When the equipment is absolutely shutdown,openthe plug screw ofthe concentrated gold discharge(8)to make the concentrated ore to be in the concentrated orebox (customers can prepare it by themselves).Thetime for clean concentrated ore should be within 15-20mins.Then tighten the plug screw to start nextcycle.

6)Shut down abnormally.

When the equipment is shutdown abnormally,the feeding should be stopped,then stopthe backwater.But the shutdown time should becontrolled nottoo long.If it has to be long time,it should clean the concentrated ore,then shut down the equipment.On the other hand,when start the equipment after the temporary shutdown,it mustfeed the ore slurry firstly,then watering the backwater to avoid the concentrated ore flow away.

7.Take fine gold from gold centrifugal
Maintenance of the equipment

Clean the equipment every cycle. Adjust the belt timely,and tighten the plug screw when it is less crowed. The action for the adjustmentshould be shutdown.

Gold Centrifugal Concentrator Specs