Project Description

1. Application and applicability for  Lab roller Crusher

This type laboratory rock crusher machine is smooth double roll crusher, applicable to geology, metallurgy, building materials, chemical, coal carbon, dressing, research institutes, universities and other units of the laboratory, the laboratory crushing various medium and low hardness of ore or rocks, with its compressive strength is not higher than 700Kg/cm2

2. Technical Specifications

3. Working principle and structural

lab scale roller crusher mill is mainly by base, roll with safety spring etc parts, work by motor by triangle leather belt, sprockets transmission.two roll according to the opposite direction turn and broken material. Roll gap can within the prescribed scope proper adjustment, to control the grain-size size. This machine is mainly work in two parts is horizontal axis, root parallel install two opposite rotary rolling. One of the pressing roller bearings in fixed in the body rotation, and the other in adjustable Bearing in the body rotation. Adjust two roll clearances between is chosen by the handwheel, threaded collar and tighten bolts etc of adjusting mechanism to move the bearing and implementation, when adjustment shall loosen round nut. The bearing installed in the body, in fixed roll side, spring loaded. When a crushing material into crushing cavity cubits, the spring by excessive compress, roll gap increases, the broken material can smoothly through without damage to other components, rise to security role. To cover the top hopper set in, in cover inside, equipped with linings, in order to prevent the material without rolls crusher and falling. Roller bearings in set in tin bronze bearing housings, its lubrication oil cup is through four regularly note oil to fulfill. Elastic size by compaction bolt to adjust, the  chain of adjustable knot cannot too tight, must have certain deflection, avoid the tension which is caused by excessive chain cracking phenomena, generally take chain deflection f = 0.02 A (A for the sprocket center distance)

4. Installation instructions

Upon receipt of the machine, users have to check, in case the equipment transport process caused by damage, and eliminate malfunction only after began to install and use. 1, this machine does not need to install, just put in the cement floor, mixes clay with rubber sheet cushion flat can. 2, connected equipment power supply, notice the pulley rotation direction and equipment are marked direction.

5. Operation & Maintenance

A, before starting the work

(1) by installation requirements positioning adjusted with the hand first shaft pulley, observe whether have lag.

(2) turn each oil, grease injectors apply to cover.

(3) transmission belt are in good condition. If any damage change in time, when the pulley of the belt or have smeary should wipe clean. (4) to examine the sprocket and chain contacts are good, chain deflection is appropriate

B, starting

(1) through inspection machine feudals normal rear can start.

(2) startup, should check roll rotation direction.

(3) startup, if discover have not normal immediately when downtime, find out the reason and eliminate before starting again.

C, operation and maintenance

(1) every time before starting the machine to remove to roller is not timely broken excess material.

(2) when use if discover a card plug downtime phenomenon, must immediately shut off the power and will material removal

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