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Laboratory XCRS400×300 Magnetic Separator Drum-type Wet Low-intensity Magnetic Field Magnetic Separator

XCRS wet laboratory magnetic separator is mainly used for metallic beneficiation laboratory that makes magnetic separation of fine ferromagnetic ores in the separation form of concurrent. The magnetic separator featuring small volume, light weight, simple operation and easy maintenance is not suitable for beneficiation test with corrosive liquid. Drum of the drum-type magnetic separator is internally built with an open-type magnetic system that could quickly sort magnetic minerals out of the fed ores. The magnetic minerals in the chute are sucked onto the drum surface by magnetic force, stirred under the action of magnetic force to dump off sludge and finally discharged with revolution of drum surface by means of flushing.
It is applicable to scientific research, teaching and comprehensive utilization and assessment of mineral resources as well as sorting of hematite, which needs only few specimens to obtain the technical indicator of iron content in minerals. It is used for sorting fine disseminated hematite, martites, limonite, siderite and other ores in beneficiation laboratory.
 Laboratory Wet Drum Magnetic Separator Specification
Model XCRS400*300 XCRS400*240
Drum Size (mm) 400*300 400*240
Drum Speed (r/min) 25 25
Magnetic Intensity (GS) 1250 (100 kA/M) 1250 (100 kA/M)
Feeding Size (mm) <2 <2.5
Capacity (kg/hr) 20-60 20-50
Motor Power (kW) 0.25 0.25
Overall Dimensions (mm) 1515*1040*1500 1030*614*1196
Weight (kg) 200 300
Processing characteristics of rare metal ore:

1.Large magnetic force acting area and large processing capacity.

2.Use toothed plate as magnetic gathering medium to render high magnetic field intensity and magnetic field gradient.

3.Very effective to low-grade ferric oxide ore test with good sorting indicator.

4.Good effect and high indicator in test sorting of ores such as manganese ore, beach placer, tin ore, glass sand and phosphoric acid mine.

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