Project Description

riffle divider stainless steel & galvanized plate type available

riffle divider is used for division and sampling analysis of coal, coke, ore and other particulate maters.

Characteristics: reasonable structure, easy operation and multi-point division. It has strong dividing uniformity of samples and is able to improve division efficiency and quality.

Width of cell is 2.5-3 times the maximum particle size of ore samples. Gradient of inclined planes like cell is not less than 60°. The fully-enclosed riffle is divided into two types of full-sealing galvanized plate riffle and full-sealing stainless steel riffle.

riffle-divider speification
Model Cell number Cell width(mm)  Division size(mm)
MFQ-1 16 32.5 <13
MFQ-2 18 15 <6
MFQ-3 24 7.5 <3
MFQ-4 32 3 <1
Sample riffle divider  consists of division chute, division hopper, sample receiver, shelf and dustpan. Every set of riffle has four different specifications for division of samples in different particle sizes. It features reasonable structure, easy operation and with multi-point division function. Its division representativeness conforms to international standard. The riffle is mainly used for division preparation of coal and other particulate matters in laboratories.
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