Alluvial&rock Tin Tantalite Ore Processing Plant Raw material conditions:
20TPH alluvial&rock tin and tantalite(50%&50%)
Feeding size 0-50mm
Contain clay

Customer’s requirements:
recover 95%
Remove iron minerals

Screen output:
Above 10mm
Below 2mm

Customer’s questions:

Are we able to pay in full in order for us to prevent currency losses in zimbabwe?

Answer: Yes

Can you quota all shipping costs to Durban?

Answer: Yes, I can send you a CIF quotation. but the current shipping cost is very unstable. My freight forwarder told me that the freight price will be updated every few days, so before shipping, we will update the shipping cost, now the CIF price is just for reference.

Will you please send me the flow diagram of the whole plant?

Answer: According to your information, I will talk with my engineer and help to design a complete plant for you, soon I will send the flowchart to you.

What amount of water is discharged from the plant per hour during processing?

Answer: About the water of this plant, around 180-200M3 one hour

5. How many layers of screens can the washing machine make? To ensure that materials with different particle sizes enter different jig separators?

Answer: trommel scrubber can make two layers according to your information, we can make 2mm and 10mm,0-2mm output into the first jig, and 2-10mm into the second jig, above 10mm will transport to crush by belt conveyor.

6. If there is no height difference in my mining area, how to place the equipment? Can I make a heightening steel frame?

If there is no height difference in your site, we can provide the steel for heightening the steel frame, as shown in the below picture.

coltan jig separator

After being placed, the discharge of the trommel scrubber can directly fall into the jig separator, and the discharge of the jig separator can directly into the shaking table.

7. Can you pls send the flowchart to me? I want to check how many machines are needed.

Flowchart Explanation:
1. Loader or excavator feed to one hopper, First we use a trommel scrubber to wash and screen the raw ore. we make two layers of trommel scrubber:2mm and 10mm.
(first step) 0-2mm stone will be put into jig separator, then the tin concentrate will be put into shaking table for recovery again.
(second step) 2-10mm stone will be put into another separator to select 2-10mm tin concentrate.
(third step) the stone more than 10mm will transport by belt conveyor to storage. then use forklift feed the stone to a hopper, use trough feeder feed the stone to hammer crusher, stone after crushing will be 0-2mm. the use of a slurry pump feeds the 0-2mm stone to the first jig separator, then use a shaking table as the first step.

2. Finally, Dry the tin concentrates in the sun, and then use 3pcs dis dry magnetic separator to separate the tin. tantalite and iron.