10tph manganese ore processing plant
Zimbabwe  Customer Ore Conditions:

A customer is interested in a jigging plant of about 10 tph to process manganese ore. They think the material is pyrolusite with silica inclusions.

1. Raw materials: Manganese Ore(pyrolusite with silica inclusions)
2. Feeding Size: 200mm
3. Output Size: 0-20mm
4. Capacity: 10tph

Preliminary manganese mining process flow chart we suggest based on Customer’s manganese ore information

manganese mining process flow chart

Quotation and Answer about the manganese mining process and  manganese mining equipment

1. Question: The only thing that needs to be corrected is that the output size needs to be bigger. What is the biggest size you can handle? My client wants a 0x40 mm, can this be achieved by any of your machines? If not then I can take a 0x30 mm then I continue to process the bigger size by hand?

Answer: Output size 0-40mm is ok, but the feeding size to the jig plant is 0-25mm(if the size is too big, the select effect will not be good), you need to process the size 25-40mm by hand.

2. Question: Are the jaw and hammer crushers and vibrating screens being supplied with skids/potable steel structures?
Answer:  Do you mean each machine with skids/potable steel structures or do you want the three machines in a mobile set?

skid chasis design

all machine in a mobile trailer

3. Question: Are these products being supplied complete with a motor control center or they will come with their individual start/stop panels?
Answer: each product has a motor, the voltage is 380v, three phases, 50hz, it can be customized as you required. you can power them with your local power or use the generator. the control center can be provided with additional cost.

manganese mining equipment control panel manganese mining machinery

4. Can the supplier send us the layout drawings of the individual equipment so that we can work out our plant layout.
the layout drawings of the equipment will be offered after the deposit of the order is received, please kindly notes.

5. How much hutch water does the jig require? How clean should this water be?
jig(JT2-2) water consumes approx 50m³ per hour, the water from the river is ok.

6. Can we get more information about how this jig works and how it has to be set up?

(3d video of the jig separator on youtube)

7. What is the processing capacity for the JT2-2 jig concentrator?

JT2-2 capacity is 5-10 tons per hour

8. Where do the products come out from the jig concentrator?

    there is a sieve in the jig separator, the big size products come out up the sieve, the small size products come out below the sieve. (attached video for your reference)

9. Do we need dewatering screens and conveyors for the products?

     the products will come out with some water, if you want to dry them, you can use the dewatering screen, the conveyor is not used to transporting the wet materials.

      you can use the pipe to transport the products to the dewatering screen. need put the machines on a different level. (attached video for your reference)

10. Hammer crusher produces fines – What will be the impact on cost if he replaces a hammer crusher with a cone crusher or roll crusher?
      the cost of cone crusher is very expensive, normally used for the big capacity and very hardness stone, at least 50 tons per hour. the roll crusher is normally used for the soft stone, the spare parts will cost too much to crush manganese ore.

11. An additional conveyor is required for feeding the jig.

     you can put the vibration screen and jig separator in the different ground levels, use a pipe or groove to feed the jig automatically. if you put them on the same level, you can add a conveyor. (attached pictures for your reference)

manganese mining in zimbabwe

manganese mining in south africa

12. Can the supplier provide a list and cost of recommended spares for 6 months of operation?

       the spare parts of 6 months operation have been attached, please kindly have a look.

Updated  manganese ore mining process we suggest based on a new requirement

manganese ore processing

13. Please include a suitable hopper to fit the feeder before the jaw crusher. please include all the support structures down to the securing bolts on a prepared concrete platform.
The hopper will be added to the revised 3D flowchart, please kindly check the 3d video of the hopper with trough feeder on youtube https://youtu.be/HfeQqSS_mak
All the support structures can be offered, and also the layout and concrete drawing of installing each piece of equipment. We can talk about it after you confirm everything is ok with the revised 3D flowchart, the revised 3D flow chart will be offered as soon as possible after you confirm the final machines you want.
below is the 3d flowchart of our customers for your reference, please kindly have a look.

14. Can you change the feeder from a trough to an electromagnetic vibrating feeder?
The feeding size of the electromagnetic vibrating feeder is 20-30mm, your ore size is 200mm, the trough feeder will be more suitable for you, please kindly notes.

15. Can you increase the size of the jaw crusher to be bigger than 10 TPH? motor size should be at least 22kw. Please include all structures up to the securing bolts.
The output size of the jaw crusher can be adjusted to 20-80mm, the size you want is 60mm, you can adjust the output size to 60mm, the capacity of the jaw crusher can be 10-15tph.
the motor can be customized as you required with an additional cost 200USD for each customized motor(our normal motor is free, please kindly notes)

16. The screen capacity should increase to match the crusher, to be greater than 10TPH. Please also screen undersize underpan and all mounting equipment to concrete pillars.  Also, include the strength requirement for the concrete pillars. Please increase the screen top size to 60 mm.                                                                                                                                                                   
the vibrating screen will be changed to 2YD1530, top screen size will be 60mm. screen undersize underpan can be added.

17 . The hammer crusher will crush only the plus 60 mm stones as in the previous circuit.
         thanks, well noted it.

18. Screen undersize should have the option to feed a stockpile or a second hopper and a feeder (electromagnetic) to feed jig if washing is required.
 screen undersize transport to the hopper by the conveyor, then feed the jig by the electromagnetic feeder is ok, but it will cost much. normally the vibrating screen will add some water when it’s working to reduce the dust, the screen undersize will with some water, you can use the guide trough transport materials to the jig as below picture showed, it will more economic. just for your reference.

19. Please change the conveyor belt for hand select to a wider conveyor 800 mm and make it slow-moving, please. We will be picking out the bad material and leaving good material on the conveyor to stockpile.
the conveyor will be changed to 800 widths and will add a speed motor to the conveyor so that you can adjust the movement speed. it’s better to pick out the bad materials if your good materials are much more than the bad materials, well noted.

20. Can you increase the jig feed size to the maximum you have, 25 mm or 30 mm is ok. please also increase jig power to at least 7.5 kW.
The Jig JT2-2 will be changed to JT4-2  jig concentrator for 25mm feed size, 30mm is too big, which will impact the efficiency of the jig, not suggest. the power of the JT4-2 is 7.5kw.

21. For all equipment include all structures including securing bolts and nuts, we can only put in place concrete structures and minor steel and piping fabrication/adjustments.
well noted

22. Please include stop/start buttons for all machines.
each machine with single air switch control in the electric control cabinet, you can start or stop the machines in the electric control cabinet.

23. Please resize and include a generator (Cummins diesel) with spare capacity to include lights and other sump pumps.
Cummins diesel generator will be offered after you confirm the final machines you want, please kindly notes.

24. We need a clear layout of the equipment on purchase showing the required elevation, we are going to install on level ground.
after you confirm the final machines you want, the 3d flowchart will be offered first for your reference.
but the clear layout and concrete drawing of each machine will be offered after the deposit is received of the order, please kindly notes.

25. Please send a revised quote, include a list of spares for the 6-month operation and HS code.
the revised quote, HS code, and spares for 6 months will be offered after you confirm the final machines you want, please kindly notes.

26. Please confirm you can guarantee the quality of equipment supplied.
the machines are a guarantee for 1 year, not include the spare parts. you can trust the quality of the machines. we have a work office in Tanzania, really gain a good reputation 

27. Do you give technical support during installation and commissioning?
sure, the online support can be offered, and also the structure of each machine, you will install the machines easily.
if you need us to go to your place also ok, but the additional cost will be needed.

Final 3D manganese ore mining process

manganese ore mining process

final manganese mining process

The materials will feed into the hopper first, via the trough feeder to the jaw crusher.
Discharge from the jaw crusher to the vibration screen by the belt conveyor.
After separating by the vibration screen, the size +60mm will go to the hammer crusher to control the size to -60mm.
The size 25-60mm will to the hand-selected belt conveyor
The size -25mm will to the hopper+electromagnetic vibration feeder, then to the jig separator by the conveyor.

Final confirmation of manganese mining machinery list 

Machines in the flowchart:
hopper+trough feeder
Jaw crusher
Vibration screen
Hammer crusher
Hopper+electromagnetic vibration feeder
Jig separator
Belt conveyor

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