gold sluice box wth with nugget trap

Gold sluice box is one of the most poplular gold mining equipment in the world, it’s get a long history in gold mining. The sluice box consist of frame, banker, and carpet. During operating, the slurry with gold ore running over the sluice box, the gold particles will be caught by the carpet because of the high intensity of the gold. Other lighter minerals or stones will be washed away by the water. After some time, when the carpet is full, the operator carry the carpet and wash the minerlas away from the carpet, the concentrate we get from the carpet will be panned or refined by other gold refining machine, such as shaking table, or almagamator.
1. Composition :two sets of sluice box
2. length*width*height=1m*6m*0.3m
3. Processing capacity : 40 ton per hour
This new type gold sluice box is designed by our engineer per to customer’s requirement

1.two hydrolic stand is designed for adjusting the slop of the sluice box;
2. net cover is added to protect the sluice and for avoid gold concentrate be stolen.
3. nugget trap on the sluice mat is design to recovery gold nugget

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