gold sluice for big scale mining plant

Gold sluice  is one of the most popular equipment for small scale gold operations. The structure is painfully simple, consisting of a lengthy steel box without the roof and a specialized carpet on the base of the box.  The carpet used in our sluice box is made from polyethylene and imported from Japan to ensure high quality and efficiency. It can withstand direct prolonged exposure to sunlight, high temperatures and has an anti-slip texture on the back so it doesn’t move unnecessarily.

Gold sluice is  typically used in gold washing plants to recover gold in tailings, and also in combination with a trammel screen to recover the placer gold directly from rivers or streams.

The working principle of the gold sluice box is similar to that of the gold pan, in that the difference in densities causes gold to segregate at the bottom of the sluice (in the carpet) and the lighter waste material is washed away by the stream. When the sluice box is submerged or semi-submerged in the stream, the current washes water through the sluice box, washing away waste material. The gold gets trapped and caught in the carpet and can be later gathered. The productivity of the sluice box depends on its sheer size and the strength of the current or stream. It provides an alternative to gold panning with a much increased throughput and maintains lot of the advantages of the simple gold panning method of extraction.


model 1000*6000mm 600*4000mm
dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 6000*1000*500 4000*600*500mm
weight(t) 0.3 0.2
processing capacity (t/h) >10 <10
feeding size(mm) <20 <20
feeding density (%) 20-35 20-35
tank slope(°) 9-12 9-12
recovery ratia(%) 50-70 50-70
Water required (m³/h)  50-80 8-20
The gold  sluice box is widely used in gold mining because of the many advantages, including:

  • Low price: compared to other machines, the price of a sluice box is low.
  • High efficiency: With two types of carpet, no matter the size of the gold granules, they can be caught by the sluice box.
  • Easy to install and operate: With a lightweight, and small size, this equipment could be installed by hand, and the operation is very easy, after a certain time of feeding material, wash the concentrate inside the carpet, and then you can put the carpet back and continue.
  • Low maintenance: The only part that needs servicing is the carpet, and the carpet is of a high quality so only requires washing out and then placing back in the sluice box for further operation.
  • Large capacity: A sluice box with 1000*4000MM could processing over 5 tons of crudes for one hour. We also offer a custom service to meet different requirements.
  • No power consumption: The sluice box no needs any power, which makes the operation very convenient, ecofriendly and almost negligible operating cost.
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