spiral washing machine High weir  type

Dual spiral washing machine is mainly used for washing of manganese ore, iron ore, phosphorus ore and other minerals as well as cleaning and separation of sludge and stain in manganese ore, iron ore and other low grade minerals, featuring large handling capacity, easy installation, simple operation, low cost and high efficiency.

spiral washing machine drives two spiral stirring shafts through a reducer to rotate in different directions. Minerals entering the chute body are stirred forcibly by blades and washed with clean water, waste water is drained through overflow surface at the chute tail and clean minerals are discharged upward along inclination angles of the blades.

Spiral wash machine specification
Type Model Specification Spiral diameter(mm) Ratoary Speed(r/min) waterTank
Length (mm)
High weir single screw FLG-5 φ500 500 8-12.5 4500
FLG-7 φ750 750 6-10 5500
FLG-10 φ1000 1000 5-8 6500
FLG-12 φ1200 1200 5-8 6500
FLG-15 φ1500 1500 4-6 8265
FLG-20 φ2000 2000 3-3.5 8400
FLG-24 φ2400 2400 2.5-4 9130
FLG-30 φ3000 3000 3.2 12500
High weir double screw 2FLG-12 φ1200 1200 6 6500
2FLG-15 φ1500 1500 2.5,4.6 8250
2FLG-20 φ2000 2000 3.6-5.5 8400
2FLG-24 φ2400 2400 3.6-7 9130
2FLG-30 φ300 3000 3.2 12500
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