vibratory cup mill

GJ、MZ Model Series Sealing Sampling Pulverizer 

vibratory cup mill is also called Lab sample pulverizer ,laboratory ring mill , ring and puck mill.For Grining bowl or head ,there are 4 options:Manganese Steel,Chrome steel,Tungsten carbide. Manganese steel type grinding bowl is cheapest and widely used .Tungsten carbid bowl is suitable to used in grinding very hard material .

laboratory ring mill  User’s Manual

This manual is for operators who are familiar with GJ、MZ Model Series Sealing Sampling Pulverizer’s structure principle and operation usage; please refer to this user manual prior to operation.

ring and puck mill  Usage

This product is suitable for use in the crushing and processing of raw material’s mineral, all hard metals or non-metals ore. Sealing Sampling Pulverizer is mainly used for geology, mining metallurgy, coal, building materials, chemical industry and scientific research units and department.

vibratory cup mill  Main Specification and Technological Parameters

GJ-ⅠSeries、GJ-IA、GJ100-1 Series Technological Parameters

ring and puck mill Main Working Operation

When the machine is in operation, the motor will rotate the shaft. Under the influence of the centrifugal force, huge vibration will be produced. And all the parts involved will vibrate coherently, at the same time, it will force the colliding ring and colliding piece within the material sample to collide, extrude, grind to achieve the purpose of crushing.

Display Diagram

GJ-ⅠSeries、GJ100-1、GJ-IASeries Schematic Structure Diagram

laboratory ring mill drawing

2MZ-100 Series、3MZ-100、GJ-B Series Schematic Structure

laboratory mill diagram

GJ-Ⅱ Schematic Structure Diagram

MZ-1000  Schematic Structure Diagram

vibratory cup mill

Note: Remove ( 15 bar seats), 9 ( Dust Protection Panel), can apply grease to the upper part of the large and small bearing, fill holes into the F section bearing grease.

4MZ-100、5MZ-100Series、6MZ-100、7MZ-100(GJ-AX)Schematic Structure Diagram

GJ-A Pulverizer Structure and Principle Schematic

laboratory mill structure

LMZ-120Series、LMZ-150 Schematic Structure Diagram

Condition of Use

1.Power supply of Motor is 380V/50Hz 3Ø AC power; requires earth.

2.This product is generally used for crushing under dry conditions. If the sample material is humid, drying is required under temperature 105℃ to avoid moisture level too high, and to avoid adhering after being crushed. Normally, the drier the sample, the better the crushing result. If the moisture level of the crushed samples is too high and cannot be dried, please select a specially made steel material.

3.If you need to create a testing sample smaller than 200 mesh, for example 300 etc, you can add alcohol or other solvents inside the bowl to perform wet crushing. If this process is performed in an extended period of time, the result can be achieved.

Usage and Maintenance

1.There are no special requirements to assemble this product. Lay it flat to operate normally.
2. If it is required to move the motor, you can lift two containers with a screw or a diameter of 30 mm iron rods, the lifting can be performed from both sides of the bottom of the motor through the vent hole. And after the machine is placed you can unscrew the packing screw to avoid accidents.
3.In order to automatically control the processing period, the machine comes with a time controller. Adjust the time prior to operation, and the machine will automatically stop processing when the time set in the time controller is reached.
4.After it is connected to the power supply, the red indicator will light up, after all the preparation work is completed, press the green switch, the green indictor light up and at the same time the machine will begin to operate. If the machine operates abnormally, press the red button and the machine will stop its operation.
5.When filling with materials, you should first set the colliding ring, colliding piece aside, and then feed the sample into the void.
6.5MZ-100 Series, 6MZ-100, 7MZ-100 (GJ-AX) Series do not have seven shredders, users need produce 1 – 7 testing samples base on the demand. For the purpose of smooth rotation and even force distribution, if the numbers of testing samples are low than 5 or 7, they should be evenly placed. Those shredders yet to be used still been to be placed in their originally position. In order not to create confusion of the testing samples, the feed bowl and the lid need to be labeled with numbers. It is need to refer back to the label when operate. The colliding ring, colliding piece in the inner bowl also cannot be confused. For the purpose of smooth operation, the panel design of the Sealing Sampling Pulverizer can be changed to rotational mode. During the removal and placing of the shedder, loosen the bolt first, rotate the panel, then remove or position the shedder next to the operator. After proper placement and stabilizing the shedder, it should be tighten with alignment pins to fix the panel position. When you release the alignment pins, depress the plug first, and then rotate a 60o angle, the bolt will be raised under the spring force, the lower end will be shrouded from the positioning hole, and hence the panel can be rotated. When fastening the bolt, it is required to position the first panel back to its original location, apply slight force to the bolt while slightly rotate the panel. When the positioning pin aligned with the positioning holes on the shroud, the bolt will be pressed down. At that moment, you can rotate the bolt at a 60o angle in anticlockwise direction, the positioning can be achieved when bolt is under the influence of the spring with little lifting.
7.Normal material samples can produce 120-200 mesh testing samples though 3-5 minutes of crushing process. If the materials are difficult to be crushed or require more granular, then the processing period might need to be extended until it meet the requirement.
8.To ensure good sealing performance, the flat rubber seal should be intact and placed outside. The lever is required to have sufficient pressure for the jar lid. If there are insufficient pressures, then seal will not be tight. Adjustment of the screw positioning can be done. This is just like rubber band losing its elasticity when damage or aged. It is required to replace it with a rubber sealing ring.

Ring and puck mill with 1 bowl

ring and puck mill with 100 g bowl (2)

laboratory ring mill with 1000g bowl 

laboratory ring mill with 1000g bowl (2) laboratory ring mill with 1000g bowl (1)

ring and puck pulverizer with 4 bowls

ring and puck pulverizer with 4 grinding bowl

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